Saturday 10 December 2022

Week 49 of #Project365 3rd - 9th December. A photo every day for a year!

I have had a good week and haven't really done much apart from the usual housework and homey things. After having that rotten cold and feeling a bit grumpy last week I decided to take this week to be kind to myself and relax a bit before the Christmas craziness starts. From Monday things get busy here and I think I am ready for it, I better be because it's happening. Presents need to be wrapped, shopping done and Ellie is getting her hearing aid.

Now for a photo everyday. 

Snowman sticker and biscuits
Football and a snow warning
Doritos and Hot water bottle
My back garden

337/365 - 3rd December
Every year we get window stickers but I couldn't find them in our local Poundland shop this year but I found them on the online Poundshop. It's the first time I used that website and I am impressed. It is part of Poundland with plenty of bargains and quick delivery which only cost a couple of pounds.

338/365 - 4th December
We had a lazy Sunday with a cup of tea and biscuits mid-afternoon. Fox's Golden Crunch Creams are my favourite at the moment.

339/365 - 5th December
More football. I have enjoyed watching the World Cup and it came as a bit of a shock on Wednesday and Thursday when there were no matches. We have been spoilt with at least a couple of matches everyday for over 2 weeks.

340/365 - 6th December
I noticed the weather thing on my laptop said snow was coming. It hasn't yet as of writing this yesterday morning but it has been so cold and I can imagine it snowing soon.

341/365 - 7th December
Becky bought a Doritos advent calendar and she's not impressed with it, in fact she is fuming about it. She isn't a huge fan of the Chilli Heatwave flavour and 6 out of 7 days have had that flavour. She's peeked though and does have better flavours coming.

342/365 - 8th December
I think I would have frozen without my hot water bottle over the past week. I slight exaggeration but when it is filled and hot it makes me happy. We all have a hot water bottle now and love them.

343/365 - 9th December
It was so frosty outside yesterday morning although this photo doesn't really show it. Hmmf. The wheelie bin was iced shut and I nearly went slipping on my bum. I was so glad that I didn't have to go out anywhere.

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  1. The frost looks like snow here and is hanging around much of the day in some places. Being in the middle of the country we always get some of the lowest temperatures in England. I'm hoping we miss the snow. Not quite sure how we'll be getting N to school as I don't know if local buses will run and there's some huge hills to drive down to get to where the school is. We've been watching lots of the football too. Go England!

  2. I didn't even realise there was an online pound shop...will check it out. I love Golden Crunch too. I am hoping the snow holds off until the hate driving in it

  3. Another fun week to add to your year of photos. I'm not familiar a pound shop but it must be nice with lots of goodies. Have a wonderful week Kim! #MMBC

  4. I really miss eating biscuits, gluten free ones just aren't the same. I didn't know Poundland were online. I've not really got into the World Cup this time, I did watch until Wales went out though

  5. I love hearing about all the variety of advent calendars. We don’t have such a big variety over here and they’re mainly all chocolate. I have seen wine and beer ones at Aldi. I also saw a super expensive one with candles. I would love a Doritos advent calendar but I agree with Becky. I would be annoyed too if if they were all chilli heatwave flavour. I’m glad to hear that she has some better flavours coming her way soon.

  6. I am very disappointed by a distinct lack of snow here, despite being forecast. Our hot water bottles are come out too

  7. Love the snowman window decorations. I have to admit that I haven’t watched any of the World Cup! That’s a bit annoying having the same flavour so often on the Doritos advent calendar. That hot water bottle looks so cosy. Definitely needed with the cold weather we’ve had lately! #project365

  8. The weather was so cold but at least the football got the blood pumping yelling at the screen (or was that just us?!) Hope the doritos have improved by now. #project365