Wednesday 14 December 2022

The feel good Christmas gift - Buy dinner or a toy for a foster dog!

Animal welfare charity, Miracle’s Mission is offering a wonderful opportunity to sprinkle some Christmas good cheer for the needy rescue dogs and cats that are waiting to be fostered: to buy them a special Christmas dinner or toy. It’s the ultimate present for the dog or cat lover in your family, who will receive a certificate as their gift.

Miracle’s Mission

Your gift could help sick, injured and difficult dogs like Nessy. Nessy was suspected to have been hit by a car and her spinal cord was permanently damaged. Her two back legs needed to be amputated. However, this does not hinder her and she now is happy and full of energy and joy. In fact, Nessy doesn’t seem to realise that she has a disability, she is able to get around very well in and out of her wheels.

Nessy is a very friendly and happy dog. She likes people and is very happy to make new friends. She loves to be petted and to play with toys. She also likes to follow people and stay close to them. She can be anxious and barky around new people, dogs and experiences but this is something that she is working on.

Nessy the dog

Victoria Bryceson’s charity, Miracle's Mission, is a non profit animal welfare organisation that works with sick, injured and difficult animals. Her mission is to provide a place of safety for animals in danger, to educate on the need for neutering both pets and strays and to neuter stray dogs and cats to prevent the birth of more dogs and cats onto the streets.

You can buy a Christmas Dinner or a toy for a dog or cat, which comes with a certificate. And with so many hungry mouths to feed at Miracle’s Mission, your gift will make a massive difference to the quality of life of a dog or cat at this time of year.

Christmas Dinner for a dog or cat costs £5 and a toy for a dog or cat also costs £5. You can purchase your gift from their website where you can also find out about fostering or adopting an injured or disabled animal.

Do you donate to charities in the run up to Christmas?

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