Tuesday 13 December 2022

My favourite Christmas decorations in my home.

We have 2 big boxes of Christmas decorations, the all don't get used every year. Some years we have coloured baubles on the tree and others we stick with the traditional red and gold. Sometimes silver tinsel dominates the room but this year we've gone with red.

Over the years we have collected quite a few Christmas decorations which always come out every year and I thought I would share my favourites from my home with you.

Snowman and elf

My dad gave us this big hanging snowman years ago, I think before Ellie was even born. It's like the snowman is part of our family now. He comes out every year and is always hung in the same corner. 

The elf has appeared this year. We used to do the whole Elf on the Shelf thing with my girls and then a few years ago we hid him away and haven't seen him until this year when he was in one of the Christmas boxes. He's lost his hat but he's behaving himself.

hanging santa and snowman decorations

These hanging decorations were such a bargain. We got them years ago from Poundland for a pound each. We got these two, the Santa and snowman as well as 2 reindeers. So many people we knew in Ashington in Northumberland had them too. From what we heard Poundland quickly sold out and never got them back in. 

Christmas wreath and Santa

This wreath came from our local auction last year. I got it for about £5 and I love it even thought we had to take the superglue to it as some of the pinecones and things have fallen off while it had been packed away. Hmmf.

This Santa is one of the decorations that Ellie hates. It was one of those porcelain paint your own Santa things and Ellie cringes as she thinks she did a bad job at it. She was about 5 years old at the time so I say good effort.

Mam and Owl tree decoration

It's not very often you see things with Mam on them, it's usually Mum or Mom so I snapped this up when I saw it at a stall when we were on a day out years ago seeing the tall ships in Blyth.

This isn't the owl, Hedwig from Harry Potter but it is a pretty close copy. I picked it up in Wilkos a few years ago for 50p.

Hanging elves and a little penguin

Years ago we used to review a lot of crafts from Baker Ross and one time it was the Gingerbread house photo frames and elves. The kids cringe at these too as they don't like to see things that they made when they were much youngest but I love those type of things, the memories.

This penguin has kept appearing every day. I remember doing something with some little penguins and the elf years and years ago and thought we had lost all the penguins but here it is. It's a solo penguin now, all his friends are long gone but i keep putting him on the fireplace. 

What are your favourite decorations in your home?


  1. We have lots of handmade crafts from when the kids were younger too and while they don't always appreciate them I sure do!

  2. I love your decorations. I think the ones that hold memories are the best. I have some that my boys have made over the years and a few are literally hanging together by a thread yet I still keep them. x

  3. Thisiswhereitisat19 December 2022 at 20:46

    Such cute Christmas decorations x