Saturday 17 December 2022

Week 50 of #Project365 10th - 16th December. A photo every day for a year!

This week has all been about preparing for Christmas. We've got the freezer food, the last of the cupboard stuff bought, the presents wrapped, Ellie broke up from school yesterday and I am feeling ready. Stu has had a lovely but busy week off work and he's back to it on Monday, then off for a couple of days back for another then it will be Christmas. It's taken me a while to get that festive feeling but I am feeling it now and I am starting to get excited. I think getting Ellie's hospital appointment out of the way has helped too. She is now the proud owner of hearing aids which not to sound dramatic are changing her life.

Now for a photo every day!

New game and roast dinner
Spider web
Santa and presents
hearing aids and carpet being put down

344/365 - 10th December
I've found a new game to play, one of those to just pass the time. It was free from the Microsoft store and it gives me something to do when I am feeling a little bored.

345/365 - 11th December
We went out for a Sunday dinner. It was so nice to have someone cook for us and do the washing up. It was from our local cafe and it tastes like a proper home cooked meal.

346/365 - 12th December
Spider webs always look so pretty when it's frosty out.

347/365 - 13th December
The local football team have been bringing Santa around all week, on Tuesday it was our streets turn. It was lovely seeing all the little kids chatting to him.

348/365 - 14th December
Stu and I did all of the present wrapping, well until I bought some more presents on Thursday. I will get the rest wrapped over the next few days.

349/365 - 15th December
Ellie finally got her hearing aids and they are working wonders. She is hearing more than she ever has and so far the extra sounds haven't been too much for her brain to take.

350/365 - 16th December
My dad gave us some carpet tiles to put down just inside the front door, the tiles on the floor were so cold and the carpet has made a big difference.

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  1. That's so great that Ellie is doing well with her hearing aids. It's hard to believe that Christmas is so close. I'm glad you are feeling more excited about it. It really does help when you get things that are worrying out of the way and then you can focus on the fun. The photo of your meal with the creamy mashed potato and gravy looks so delicious. It's made me hungry!! I love home style cooking like that. I think more cafes here should serve this kind of food. Yum!!

  2. So glad that Ellie has finally got her hearing aids and that they’re making such a big difference for her. I love seeing frosty spider webs – they are so pretty. I can imagine the carpet tiles have made a big difference with the cold floor! #project365

  3. Excellent news that Ellie's getting on well with her hearing aid. I always take photos of spider's webs in the frost too - they were interesting here with all the snow

  4. Thisiswhereitisat19 December 2022 at 20:43

    Good news about Ellie and impressed you're done all your wrapping I have zero motivation lol x

  5. I hate exposed floors as I am always cold! Glad to hear that the hearing aids are working so well. I really thought that roast was homemade. #project365