Friday 9 December 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Better! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is: 


After feeling gloomy last week it feels like my whole week has been better, I suppose it couldn't get any worse than last week. My mood has improved, I have got over that nasty cold and even the weather has been a better.

I have felt in a much better mood this week than I have been. I still haven't got that total festive feeling which I usually have already at this time of year but I am getting there. Last week I said I was going to have a week of being kind to myself and I have done just that. I haven't stressed about the housework, I've snuggled up under a blanket and watched Christmas films and the football and I have spent less time on social media. I feel in a good place and ready to embrace the Christmas craziness which is coming.

I am so glad I am over the cold I had and I am now thinking that if I have had it now I shouldn't catch another before Christmas, fingers crossed! I have been filling myself with vitamins, had some fresh air, I'm drinking plenty of juice and I have been having more early nights. I feel so much better for it.

The fog and grey skies seem to have been replaced with freezing temperatures but at least there has been a bit of sunshine. I have even had washing out on the line which seems like madness but when the sun is out pointing directly at the washing line and there is a bit of a breeze it does partially dry everything on the line.

Stu was given his shifts for over Christmas on Friday evening via email and we didn't believe them, he even spoke to a manger to confirm they were correct. They are way better than we expected. He has 2 days off the week running up to Christmas which we did not expect and it has really changed our plans in a good way. He's working Christmas Eve which we expected but is finishing earlier than we thought he would be and his work have been OK with him going in late on the Tuesday as the buses are running on a Sunday service. He will just make his hours up during the rest of the week.

I keep thinking that I have finished the Christmas present buying but then remember someone else I want to get something for. This week I ordered a few presents online to be delivered to people before Christmas, probably way before Christmas but I didn't want to risk leaving it too late with all the postal strikes which reminds me I need to write some Christmas cards with the last day for 2nd class post being on Monday.

How has your week been?

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  1. I'm glad you feeling better, I'm the opposite, I've been rather grumpy this week. I did receive a lovely gift in the post, I read the card but left the gift unwrapped to go under the tree, thank you xx

  2. I mailed my gifts out early too; my sister said hers arrived yesterday but they won't open them until Christmas eve! LOL. Glad you are feeling better this week.

  3. Sorry to hear that you weren't well, but so glad you are on the mend. I hope you don't have another cold before the big day. Please wrap up warm and have a merry Christmas with your family. We are in a blogging slump so missed quite a few of your posts. Well, see you all in the new year.

  4. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I honestly think that when you are unwell it really affects your mood. I was feeling so gloomy when I was sick and I have only recently started feeling like my old self again. Also great to hear that Stu has some better than expected shifts during the Christmas period. No such luck here as my husband will be working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Oh well, I am grateful that he has a job during these weird economic times. You never know what’s around the corner when you work in hospitality.

  5. Glad it has been a better week for you and that you're feeling better again. Snuggling under a blanket and watching Christmas movies sounds blissful. That's good news about Stu's hours in the lead-up to Christmas. I can relate to thinking you've finished the Christmas shopping and then remembering someone else! I think I've finished mine now though...! #WotW