Tuesday 8 January 2013

A lovely little site....Magic Belles!

Was browsing the internet as you do and I came across a lovely website aimed at little girls aged from about 3 years to probably about 10 years old...

Magic Belles are six tiny, jingly, fairies who live in a colourful place called Bellevue and look after life's special wonders. They fly around using swirling, sparkling flutterbuds, carry magic dust in cute designer handbags and each have their own unique jingle. When they come together they make a magical, musical symphony!!

The Magic Belles are magical, musical, and they're also fun... you can play Dress Up with them, print out lots of art and craft activities in Lovely Goodies and Colouring Fun, and you can read Super Stories together. 

The the Flutterbud Club is a safe and special blog where your daughters can become the Magic Belles' Flutterbud Friends....You can send in a photo and they'll give them a Magic Belles makeover! It's also where they showcase their beautiful Magic Belles art, share photos of Special Wonders and reveal all the latest news from Bellevue.

If you join the Magic Belles Fairy PlayClub you'll get full access to the website with loads of flutterly lovely things to do, including games, crafts, bakes, stories and much more. What's more, you'll get a special digital pack emailed to you every month crammed full of goodies. Best of all it's totally FREE!

My girls have been spending time on this website and they love it.....

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