Wednesday 2 January 2013

Most Talked About 2012!

According to Facebook these are the most talked about subjects of 2012!! I'm guessing which have been mentioned on statuses...

I probably posted statuses about the top 6 'trends'.....

I had so many comments to make about the Olympics & Rylan Clark off X-Factor not all good!! 

I remember the night Whitney Houston died....Stu & I were up late when the news broke....I didn't believe it at first as there had been a lot of fake death announcements around the time...But it was real....As messed up as her life was in the end you can't deny she was an amazing singer!!

I had a lot to say about 50 Shades of Grey....Didn't all us women....I went to bed a lot earlier during the summer...To read the books! Nothing Else!!

One Direction is mentioned at least once a week on mine or my friends statuses.....Becky loves them, my friends daughter loves them even more and when we have a girly night she makes us watch them....hehehe

Facebook is still my social network of choice....Don't think that will change for a while....All my friends live there....

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