Tuesday 22 January 2013

It was fun at first....

The snow....

Yes was brilliant to start with....Lot's of excitement and then the snowball fights and building snowmen.....We had all weekend to stay in the warm!

Monday morning wasn't too bad....The snow was still there a bit slushy but not too bad.....Coming home Monday was a different story! A complete nightmare!! It had been raining/sleeting/snowing all Monday afternoon.....It was so slushy...Not quite snow and not quite just puddles and very, very slippy!! Reminds me I need to get some new boots which don't leak!!!

 Yesterday it was all over the news about schools being closed.....Why not my girls school! 

As of 7.20am today there has been no news of the girls school being closed even though it's snowing again now there is ice, slush & fresh snow!!! Horrible!!

At least we had some good news....Yesterday the hospital rang to re-arrange an appointment for a hearing test for Ellie....I'm glad they did as the appointment was at 4pm meaning we'd of had to leave here no later then 2pm....Get there have the test....Probably leave about 5pm and get home for 7pm!! Well that is as long as the buses were running ok....Yesterday they were running 45 minutes late and some being pulled from service.....Phew!! 

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  1. I agree, the snow can now either thicken up and give us some snow days, or melt and give us some sunshine!