Wednesday 9 January 2013

Ultrasound Parties?!

For some expecting couples posting a scan image of their little miracle on Facebook just isn't immediate enough.

There is a new trend emerging for mums-to-be holding 'Ultrasound Parties' to show off and welcome the news of that they are expecting. Known as "viewing parties" they're baby showers with a twist. After the games have been played and the finger foods passed out the mum-to-be reclines in front of an ultrasound machine as eager party guests crowd around the screen to get a first glimpse of the fetus. Even distant gawkers can be looped in via Skype

A woman having an ultrasound on her baby.

What if the sonographer starts the ultrasound and there is no heartbeat? Or what if the fetus has not developed properly? This happens more than most people realise. What do you do then? 

No. Not right at all!! Why don't we just throw a party for the moment of conception too and for the birth!! 

It seems to me that nothing at all is private any more or kept precious to just the people involved. 

Why do we have to share every single moment with everyone else?

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