Tuesday 15 January 2013

Book Bag Rant!

Since nursery class Ellie has had a 'book bag for school....Just like the one pictured with the school logo on....

She has managed to go a year in nursery and a year in Reception class without losing it once....Now it's been lost twice in 6 months!

Friday Ellie came out of school with no book bag....I went in to find it....No sign of it....The staff in the office said they would have a look for it....The class had came out late and time was getting on so we had to go...

Monday we went to the office to see if it had turned up they didn't know so said they would leave a note in the register! Monday after school I go and ask if the bag had turned up....The teacher knew nothing about a missing bag?! Grrr bad office staff!!

Now today....Ellie comes out of the school with no bag!! I catch her teacher and she said there's no sign of it....Am I sure she brought it? Of course I'm sure....She had her homework in it which gets handed in on a Friday and I know for a fact she did because on the way to school she slipped on the mud and took her gloves off as they were soaking and I put them in the bag and I thought to myself I hope they don't wet the homework....I am not an idiot...She had the bag!!

I told the teacher I am not paying for another one....She said bags can't just vanish! Want to bet?! Before Christmas a little boy took Ellie's book bag home and the school had to replace it as the boy or his parents never brought it back!!

So it's not in school so it must of been taken home by another child.....surely the parent must realise...It has Ellie's name in black marker pen right across the front so it's useless to anyone else!!

I'm just waiting until Friday....If she comes home with her homework folder I can at least prove the bag was lost in school & there'll be hell to pay!!!

These are not 3 year olds they are 5 and 6 year old's....How hard can it be to make sure the kids who came with a bag go home with a bag....



  1. I bought my daughter a wooden name tag that I attached to the handle of her book bag. No more lost book bags and we can spot her bag easily - http://www.smallandgifted.co.uk/school-stuff/personalised-bookbag-tagskeyrings

  2. May try something like that....The bag turned up....Some child had taken it and the mother left it at the after school club....A nasty piece of work....Blogged about it...lol :)