Thursday 31 January 2013

Budget Days Out!

There are great ways to have fun with the kids without spending a fortune...Here are some suggestions for things to do that don't cost a fortune or which cost very little....Brilliant for during the school holidays or the weekends!

A trip to the library!
Dust off that library card and take the kids off to choose some books, DVDs or computer games. Many libraries run activities for kids including craft days and story times too especially during the school holidays.

A day at the beach

 It may seem mad going to the beach at this time of year but they don't have to be reserved for the summer. Out of season you'll have miles of sand almost to yourself, so they're a great place to burn off some energy with a bracing walk along the shore....Beaches are packed with interesting natural features too - scour the surf for pretty shells and pebbles, or get your wellies on and explore some rock pools.

Get down to the garden centre

Garden centres are surprisingly child-friendly. Many of the bigger ones have aquaria, aviaries and nice cafes so you can quite easily while away a morning wandering around and looking at the animals...A stroll through the plant and flower displays is also nice and some centres even have children's play areas..

Bus around town!

A bus trip might not inspire much excitement in you but if
you tend to take the car most of the time younger children will find a trip on the bus quite a novelty!! Little boys especially will be fascinated by watching the driver and the comings and goings as people get on and off the bus. And few children can resist climbing upstairs to the top deck and securing a front window seat to play at being driver! Children under five usually travel free so you'll only have to pay your own fare....

Root around the charity shops

This activity might have a minimal cost....Take a trip to your local high street and give each child £1 or £2 to spend in the charity shop. If you're lucky you'll have a few shops to choose from so the idea is to just have a good root around, unearthing unusual items, books and toys. You'll almost certainly find something....a fun item for the dressing-up box, an interesting book, some fancy costume jewellery or some new cars...think of it as a kind or retail treasure hunt!

Also how about....

Making collages from items collected on a nature trail
Bike/scooter rides to the local park
Putting a tent up in the garden and camping
Splashing in puddles on wet days
Flying kites on windy days
Days at National Trust sites (many have free open days during the year)
Other good sources of information include your local council websites or local tourism sites.....


  1. What great ideas- we do a lot of these too!

  2. Lots of great ideas. One of the things my son used to love was sitting in the yard and blowing bubbles. Followed by squirting them until they pop with squirt guns or spray bottles (on the right setting they do a sharp spray at a great distance). :) Have a beautiful day!