Sunday 6 January 2013

GLEE - A guilty pleasure....

I'm quite new to watching Glee...

I only started watching it late last year....They were showing the 3rd series on Sky One and I caught a bits of a few episodes and thought I actually like this!!

So I made Stu get me all the episodes right from the start and over about a week and a half we watched all 66 episodes....Quite an achievement I think considering we only watched them on a night time....We had some late nights....

So tonight the new series starts....I've cheated!! I have already seen the first 10 episodes....It's been playing in America for a while...hehehe

Won't spoil if for any watchers....It's still fab! Strange with all the regular's not being in every week but when they are it makes it all the more special....I screamed at the TV when Puck appeared one episode because it seemed ages since I'd last seen him!! I've also screamed at the end of a few episodes...WHY! Did it finish

1 comment :

  1. Is it when, where, what!?!?! Oh you say at the end - *runs off to V+ it* It's on of my guilty pleasures as well...think there might be a blog post in there too! ;-)