Friday 18 January 2013

If children were lodgers....You'd evict them!!

Imagine the advert you'd write if you were looking for a new flatmate who behaved like our children....

Wanted: loud, untidy individual with dubious table manners. Must never flush the loo, consistently fail to replace used toilet rolls and repeatedly sit six inches in front of the television screen while talking at the top of their voice.

Would prefer someone with selective hearing whose attitude to personal hygiene could be best described as relaxed. Don't bother to apply if you have ever thrown an empty crisp packet in the bin or made your own bed.

Do apply if you are addicted to sugar, habitually wake up at an ungodly hour and then wake up every other sleeping housemate, too.

If you find the word 'poo' exceptionally funny and have a casual relationship with the truth you would be ideal. If your most used phrase is “it wasn't me, it was her” please apply.