Saturday 26 January 2013

Comping Wish List!!

As you all know I love entering competitions and won quite a lot last year....Toy's for the kids for Christmas, hampers, wine, dvd's, cd's and gift vouchers which I'm so grateful for....

You can read some of my Comping Tips.

I have seen a few people making a comping wishlist and thought I would give it a go....

Top of the list is a holiday...Anywhere...We've never had a family holiday so even a weekend in a caravan would be fab!

A mobile phone for me....Mine is just about kaput! I've had it about 8

A new oven! Another thing which needs replacing in our house...

Some new bedding!

A garden bench!

Supermarket vouchers!

A camera!

Clothes for the girls!

Some wellies or boots which won't leak after a couple of weeks!

More toys for the girls to put away for birthdays and Christmas!

Some gardening stuff!

A steam mop!

A nice handbag!

And more WINE!! lol
 I don't think I want too Nothing too unrealistic! Fingers crossed I get some of what I want!!

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