Thursday 3 January 2013

Big Brother - A few thoughts!!

Well....They're all in!!!

Not a bad line up....Not that good either!!

Don't know if I like the basement twist yet....
According to a poll on The Mirror website, this basement twist business is a total flop - only 12% of you are enjoying it!! Hmmmm I'll have to wait and see!

They should of just said all the men in the basement and the women in the main house.....That's how it's worked out just about!! I think the only person who doesn't deserve to be in the basement is Ryan 'Toadfish'
Moloney!! He seems loads of fun would of been more entertaining up in the main house!

So....Razor Ruddock is Jim Davidson's replacement...Probably more entertaining and can't wait to see him and Frankie Dettori together!!

Lacey Banghard??!! That cannot be her real name can it? She sounded like she had been sucking on a helium balloon!!

Claire Richards from Steps....I've never took much notice of her before....She has piled on the weight again but what does it matter....She looks fab! 

SPEIDI?! They are boring me already!! Heidi and Spencer from the Hills....Not for me....The can bugger off back to the Hills!! I think there will be issues with Spencer & Rylan....There was a bit of bitching....Hope they fight it out!!

Rylan....Can't stand him but love him at the same time....And Frankie Dettori, I love him too!!

I think it's going to be Rylan or Claire to win!!


  1. Hey, I watched about half an hour of it and walked out the room, its the most awful thing on TV right now!!! My other half asks me every night are you watching BB with me tonight and he gets the same response every night 'NO'!!! Should be banned lol

    Now following from

  2. I have it on the tv Nothing more amusing than watching people being given electric shocks...hehehe