Thursday 10 January 2013

The Energy Bill Revolution!!

A new report has claimed that one-quarter of mums have had to make a desperate choice between heating or food as a result of increased energy bills...

A five pound note and some coins.

The survey conducted by the Energy Bill Revolution campaign also revealed that eight in ten families have been forced to ration their heating.

More than half of families turn off the heating in their houses when the children are out, while 45 per cent of adults keep warm using blankets or duvets during the day, according to a survey. I am guilty of that. I feel bad having the heating on when the kids are at school & Stu's at work. I'd rather have a blanket over me then have the heating on just for me...

Yes this happening but the cynical me thinks is it because parents are spending their money on less important things. Too often I have seen people saying they haven't got no food in or they're cold but they are paying for the internet, Sky TV, Mobile phone contracts, Cigarettes or Alcohol before they consider these two outgoings. There is nothing more important than feeding and keeping your kids warm!

Luckily I have never had to choose between food and heating. Maybe that is why I think like this.

Nobody should have to make that choice of food or heat but can imagine that some people do and it is horrible to think about!!

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