Wednesday 18 December 2013

Brussels sprouts....

Call me mad but I love Brussels sprouts but the only time I have them is on my Christmas dinner though....It's part of the tradition of Christmas....Of course the kids hate them....Last week they had their Christmas lunch at school and they were served sprouts with it....You'd think they had been given something to eat off a Bushtucker They came home saying the school was trying to poison them....A bit dramatic!!

I read earlier in the week that farmers have taken a year to perfect the taste of the NEW Brussels sprout that kids will eat....Yeah right....I'm not convinced!

Packs hit shelves last week at Waitrose where you get a 330g pack for £2.50....The chain’s innovative Kid Friendly sprouts have twice as much vitamin C per portion than an orange and are being hailed as the Holy Grail of green veg for children.....

Scientists say kids turn their noses up at pungent, grim tasting sprouts because their brains go into survival mode and send out messages that bitter food could contain toxins but these are sweet and distinctively nutty....

To get my two to eat them I think they'd have to change more then the taste...I could tell the girls they taste of chocolate and they still wouldn't eat

Do you like Brussels sprouts....Do you only eat them at Christmas?


  1. I love sprouts. It helps to just blanch them then finish out pan-frying or broiling. Then we have them with a little squeeze of lemon. Another option is to saute with some garlic and lardons or bacon. Yum.

  2. I love them too but I'm in a complete minority in my house as even my hubby doesn't really like them! And my kids are just like yours...they gag and make such a fuss over them that they are the one veg I don't force them to eat.

  3. I love sprouts its my favourite veg, even as a kid I always wanted Sprouts...and I used to eat them raw -though I don't think I would eat them raw now lol I do love them just simply boiled.

  4. I have them about twice a week! Love them.
    Kids.......not so much lol x

  5. I love them! I eat them cold, I event steal the children's!

  6. We LOVE them.... Try mashing them with lots of butter and black pepper, that's how we like them! :D