Saturday 28 December 2013

Our Christmas Day!!

Ahhh Christmas day seems such a long time ago but it was only a few days ago and no I still haven't managed to tidy up properly!! Of course we had a lovely day!! We actually got through the day without the girls fighting and arguing! A real Christmas miracle!!

We tried something new on the morning....We made the kids eat breakfast before they opened there presents....They were actually fine with it....It meant they weren't trying to eat the sweets as soon as they opened them and also helped when it came to eating Christmas dinner!! Who'd of thought

They both dived into opening their presents!!!

Becky of course got nearly everything to do with One Direction which she is over the moon with....Becky said the present ever was the Harry Styles doll....Him from One Direction! lol Oh and her new tablet.....So much faster then her old one or so she says....I don't have a clue how to use it....

Ellie got a lot of kitchen themed toys....A cooker, microwave, toaster, pizza, sandwich set and cakes all made of wood.....Which she adores!! As well as a lot of Disney Princess dolls, make up & Doc McStuffin things....She was so excited and took her time opening her presents so much so Becky had finished opening hers and Ellie was only half way

The kids got on with playing while I got on with making the Christmas dinner.....The Tooth Fairy game was a big hit and they loved their scooters! No riding them in the house but did they Nope!! 

Christmas dinner would of been perfect but this happened just as I was dishing it up.....Eek!! The excitement and day caught up with her.....

We had 3 choices....Wake her up and her be grumpy, wait and the dinner be ruined or eat it without her.....We choose to eat it without her!! Might sound selfish but she wasn't too bothered when she woke up and realised we'd eaten without her....She had her dinner on the settee watching Toy Story 3! lol 

I have found the best stuffing ever!! Pork & Clementine Stuffing from Asda.....It melted in your mouth!! Delicious!! Stu didn't like the sound of it but when it was cooked I gave him a bit without telling him what it was and he said it was the nicest stuffing he had ever eaten! Fab!!

The rest of the day was spent playing with toys, munching on chocolate, watching tv and trying to tidy Ohh and how good was Doctor Who!! 

I hope you all had a fabulous, wonderful Christmas too!!



  1. Looks like you had a lovely day

  2. Lots of photos to look back on in a few years time! It looked like you had a fantastic day and you all shared lots of happiness! Happy 2014! xx

  3. Looks a wonderful day, with so many gorgeous photos x

  4. Lots of lovely photos, looks like you all had a wonderful day. Thanks for linking up at #ShareItSundays x