Tuesday 17 December 2013

Love From… Forever Friends Magazine - Review!!

Have you seen this? One of the cutest magazines I have seen in a long time featuring the lovely Forever Friends Bears - Love From… Forever Friends is aimed at 4-6 year old girls....Perfect for Ellie who's 6!!

Love From… Forever Friends is made up of two 16-page magazines....Each packed full of wonderful things to do such as colouring, collage, recipes, drawing and doodling...Both are packaged together in a clear Love From… branded bag which will also contains a character sticker sheet, a craft kit and free collectable stationery and accessory gifts....

When I opened the envelope it came in my first thought was Aww!! The Forever Friends bears certainly are cute....Ellie soon took it off me and got on with looking through it of course looking at the little gifts which came with it first....When she got onto reading the magazines she was quiet for a long time....Looking, reading and completing the writing activities in it....Only speaking up to ask if we can make the chocolate lolly cakes....hehehe

The magazine kept her attention and kept her busy for over a hour....She came back to it the next day and read and used it again...

I looked through the magazine and thought it was great....It is educational in a fun way.....There is plenty to read and do and of course it is so cute....There are plenty of stickers which are now all over my house....lol Ellie loves them though! The toys and little gifts were not the usual cheap tat you get on some magazines and can honestly say I thought it was brilliant!!

Love From… Forever Friends launched on 4th December and is available until 8th January....The magazine will be available at mainstream retailers including The Co-operative, Martin McColls, One Stop, Tesco, WHSmith, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Asda and Hobbycraft along with multiple independent retailers...

RRP is £3.25 which I think is average now a days for a magazine.....I think it is worth it just for the cuteness factor and the length of time it kept Ellie amused!!

I was sent a Love From… Forever Friends Magazine free of charge for the purpose of this review....This is my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own!!


  1. Oh my! I didn't realise Forever Friends were still around, I remember I used to love them and had them on a quilt cover (amongst other things!)

  2. omg so cute! So they are called Forever Friends Bears, I used to have some stuffs with these bears on it when I was a kid but I can't really recall what they're called, thanks to this post I finally remembered. Haha! Will definitely check out their facebook page!

  3. Awwwww.....when I clicked I wondered whether I would be looking at human BFF's or the gorgeous large headed bears that we first welcomed into our homes in the 90's. I am so happy it's the bears - I love them! It looks like the magazine comes with plenty of free gifts that kids (and grown ups for that matter) would love. Great review - thank you x
    Love Vicky

  4. These bears are so iconic! I can remember everyone wanted them when I was a kid. What a great magazine for younger, or older, kids!

  5. Forever Friends are so cute!! They were the original bear that people collected and now it's Tatty Teddy (Me to You). My sister used to love FF and I might have to see if I can get this and make her all nostalgic.

  6. Oh how sweet is that - I would have loved the fact it came with collectables as a kid as well. x

  7. It's really cute, Friends Forever reminds me of when I was little.