Friday 13 December 2013

I really hate eBay at times....

Becky is really into One Direction and I thought I had found the ideal present for her.....Some One Direction Hi-top trainers....

They looked really great and I found them on Ebay and bought them with the 'Buy it Now' option on the 1st of November....Delivery expected in 4 to 6 days!! Yay!!

 When a week had passed I went back on to Ebay and saw this....Estimated delivery 27th - 29th of November....I assumed I had read it wrong so let it go and waited.....and waited.....

Still waiting on the 29th of November I contacted the seller....He ignored me.....Looking further at the listing I found his contact details, address and phone number it turns it is someone working for Redfoot Shoes...The managing director shares the same name....So I'm assuming it's him....I decided to email them....I was ignored!! I tweeted them, messaged them on Facebook and was still ignored....I was ignored as I contacted them several times several different ways......

I finally had to open a case with eBay and due to them ignoring me.....I still had hope though....People had started to leave feedback about how they had opened a case and then the products were sent.....

 But no luck for me.....Ebay refunded my money! 

So Becky was one present down as I was unable to find these in her size!!.....I did find a pair the same on Ebay but no way was I paying £70 for them....

The only other site which caught my eye was ShoePrimo....They had a great selection of One Direction footwear but it turns out they are they same company as the dodgy eBay seller and Redfoot shoes....I think I will be staying clear of them too as it's the same company they will have the same staff who ignore emails!!

To think earlier in the year I was telling my friend about the Shoe Primo site and their One Direction shoes....I'm so glad she didn't listen to me and buy from them.....They could of made me look like a right mug!!!


  1. I find this so typical of eBay. I very rarely use them now. Used to buy lots of slippers off them, but always used the same seller as was guaranteed prompt delivery and no hassle. However, I hear so many horror stories these days about people not getting their goods yet money taken from accounts, it puts me right off.

    A similar thing happened to me though a few months ago when I decided to give them another try: paid £7.50 for an item (okay, not a massive amount but still...) and it took them 5 weeks to deliver it, AFTER I'd opened a case. If people want to sell stuff on eBay they should do it properly or not at all. It's just bad manners, bad practice and unprofessional. Ebay should be clamping down on it now as they do seem to get a lot of complaints like these.

    Also, something strikes me with your particular case: if you were paying just £29.99 for some original and authentic One Direction boots yet they are retailing at £70 elsewhere, how can the company selling them for £29.99 be making a profit and where are they getting their stock from? Perhaps the more expensive company are making a large profit but it sounds a bit dodgy to me - as though the £29.99 ones have been sourced off the back of a lorry - or, the seller has realised elsewhere are selling them for £70 and decided you weren't getting yours at £29.99 after all... I find a lot of eBay sellers dodgy!

    CJ x

    1. I don't think they were original and authentic One Direction boots....That's why they were so cheap....
      The one's at £70 have just had their price bumped up because they are the last one's I can see in a size two
      It's the first bad experience I've had on eBay....I was just unlucky picking the wrong company to buy from! :)

  2. I loathe Ebay. I think it's become a place where there are a lot of scams, fake stuff and sellers who don't know what customer service is. Sorry about the shoes, hope you can find something. Popped over from RF!

  3. Nightmare! I use eBay a lot & for the most part have good experiences, but am always worried about getting ripped off! Thanks for highlighting this bad seller!

  4. what a nightmare. I have been using ebay a lot lately but luckily never had any problems. Any company that has that sort of culture of not offering proper customer services shouldn’t be allow to trade.
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  5. SUch a shame that eBay is now over run by companies and bad companies at that. It was so much better when it was people selling their own stuff or maknig their own things.

    You should report him to Trading Standards