Tuesday 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013!!

I've been trying to think of anything major that's happened this year apart from the normal birthdays, school & days out and can't think of anything....Nothing majorly bad happend which is a good thing....We've been plodding on with life....Living quite happily!!

I had to share this which I found when looking through my photos writing this post....On mothers day I got my presents and some lovely cards and Ellie's made me laugh out loud but at the same time feel so loved and lucky to have a child like her....

In case you can't read it....It says - My mom is special because she has Winnie the Pooh pajamas - Ellie Aww!! 

The girls of course had great birthdays.....11 and 6!! Someone please tell me how they are growing up so fast!!

We had plenty of great days out so much fun especially for Becky and Ellie.....Museums, parks and beaches...We also took our annual trip to the hospital for the check up on the girls hearts! The wonderful doctor said their hearts are still working fine...As well as expected to be....There has been no change since the last time we saw him....The valves are still leaking but no worse then they were...We're back in two years!! Yippee! Certainly a highlight of 2013!!

The kids weren't the only one's to have fun though....I had a fair bit of it myself too!! In June I went to see the amazing Bon Jovi while they were on tour over here.....WOW! I have had many a night out with great friends....With many a morning saying I'm never drinking again....Especially not those shots!! We saw the best Bon Jovi Tribute act 'Bad Name' again and ended up on stage with them again.....hehehe Who says kids have to have all the fun....

So all in all it hasn't been a bad year!! We are happy and healthy and that's all that matters!!

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year....Have a great night tonight. Stay safe if you are out and about and finally all the best for 2014!!


  1. What an amazing year.
    I love Bon Jovi - that must have been such fun.

    Here's to a very happy 2014.
    Thank you for linking up.

  2. I love how Ellie's spelt pyjamas! Kids are just the best. Hope you have a fantastic 2014 Kim :)

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. Sounds like a fun year! Here's hoping 2014 has lots more fun for you all!

  4. The Mother's Day card is so cute! :)

    Hope you had a lovely new year

    Meimei x


  5. OH Wow I would loved to have seen Bon Jovi <3 him

  6. Bon Jovi were amazing I went to see them in Manchester. I'd seen them before but last year they were just amazing! :)

  7. Sounds like a perfectly lovely well balanced year with plenty of fun and plenty of health. Wishing you all the best for an even better 2014!

  8. Happy New Year, very jealous of Bon Jovi, I have eeyore pyjamas, because sometimes I am grumpy in the mornings, according to my children!!