Wednesday 4 December 2013

Where do you hide your Christmas Presents? #hudlxmascheer

When I was a kid I looked and looked and never found out where my parents hid the Christmas presents away....I don't ever remember finding any and my brother and I were sneaky little so and so's who searched the house upstairs and down....Hats off to my mum and dad for doing such a great job!!

Every year I have hidden the Christmas presents in the drawers under my bed....It's always been like a game of Tetris fitting them all in.....The larger ones have gone on top of the wardrobe....This year things have had to change....

A few weeks ago just as I was starting to get quite a collection of presents under the bed I found Ellie with her head under my bed with a mouthful of chocolate.....Which had came out of a fancy box of chocolates I had bought someone as a gift....Luckily she hadn't got as far as the Christmas presents....All the brown paper wrapping and boxes obviously were not as appealing as the box of expensive chocolates!!

So Stu and I had to have a rethink!

The presents had to be somewhere the kids were not able/likely to go.....

In Ellie's room there is a big cupboard....Half is filled with the hot water tank the other has nothing in apart from old bedding and a couple of suitcases....The girls know not to go in there because of the water tank and stay away from it.....So when the girls were at school we packed the presents into the suitcases and put everything in black bags and hid them in there.....

Obviously as soon as we did Ellie was convinced there was something in there she NEEDED to see!! It's like she knows we're trying to hide something from her.....So a small bolt was purchased and put on the top of the cupboard to stop her getting in....hehehe

So far so good.....Well apart from when we were walking to school and she said 'There are Disney Princess things in my cupboard, I've seen them' My heart skipped a beat....I lied! I said 'there isn't and anyway what are you doing opening the cupboard?' As quick as a flash she said she was just checking and can't open it anyway but knows there is something in there. I told her it's one of Santa's elves keeping an eye on her....hehehe

All year we tell our children lying is so wrong yet we spend most of December lying to our children....hehehe So naughty!!

So that's where the Christmas presents are hidden this year....

Tots 100 are hosting a competition that asks “Where do you hide your Christmas Presents? This post is my entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition on the Tots100


  1. Ha that's great! So far I have just been getting away with stacking my girls presents in bags against the wall in my bedroom! Neither of them have said anything but I am waiting for the day when they are more aware and I too will have to come up with a much better hiding place! Not sure where yet...

  2. omg were so lame, and just stash the presents in our wardrobe lol... although presents that are way too big to fit in, we hide at my mums house :)