Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas Crafts - Review

My girls love crafty things and I love them doing crafts especially at this time of year....It adds to the excitement in the build up to Christmas as well as keeping them occupied when we're stuck indoors with it being so cold outside....

We were sent some lovely items from Hobbycraft to try and as soon as the girls found out I had some lovely craft things to try out they couldn't wait to get started....

Ellie decided she wanted to paint the Santa.....She loves painting and this was ideal for her!! It was a simple case of opening the paint tubs and letting her get on with it....I did have to stop her towards the end as she tends to get a bit carried away and put far too much paint

Don't you think the Santa has the look of a pirate about him....hehehe

Becky took charge of the making the crackers....You get everything in the pack to make crackers....The jokes, party hats and they even have the 'cracker snaps' which make the bang when you pull it too! They only thing not included is the usual gift which comes in crackers....We choose to add some mini chocolate bars which were the perfect size....

There is no gluing needed....You roll them up and slot them together....Becky couldn't quite manage to slot them together and even I struggled....They're a little fiddly but doable if you persevere.....Becky did put the gifts in and tie the ribbon herself....

They were placed onto the tree as some extra decoration and no doubt will be pulled on Christmas day.....The girls came up with the genius idea that now I don't have to buy any crackers as we have some and can spend that extra money on sweets....Clever girls!! 

I have never actually thought of buying from Hobbycraft before....I thought they were expensive and for serious crafters not for kids things....I will be using them in future.....They are reasonably priced and have lots of lovely fun things to do.......

Be quick at the moment they have a great offers on a lot of their items 3 for 2 and also lot of products at half price!! Hurry!!

I was sent a selection Christmas craft packs free of charge for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own...


  1. Aw lovely photo's such a great idea, They look like there having fun.


  2. What a great craft haul! I keep meaning to go into Hobbycraft, as my kids love to make and do, even though they are older. Like your angels, I think they would LOVE the cracker making, although my little girl still loves to paint and draw. I absolutely love pirate Santa. I'm sure he'll be wishing us a veeeeery meeeeeerry Christmas - argh ;-)
    Love Vicky

  3. I love Hobbycraft and am always buying bits and bobs in there. I have a whole host of things to do with Monkey next week once his birthday celebrations have finished!

  4. Didn't realize what crackers were until I googled it (I'm from the States). What a lovely tradition! Great pics!


    1. No crackers in the states!!....Ohh wow I didn't know that! Crackers are a big part of Christmas over here :) x

  5. I do like Hobbycraft, just wish it was cheaper! I always end up spending a fortune if I go in there!

    I love your pictures, looks like great fun was had all round!

  6. These all look fab! I've never been to a Hobbycraft before :(

    Louise x

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