Thursday 19 December 2013

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor - Review

I hate shaving my legs...It's such a chore!....It's all lather, shave, rinse, find missed spots, repeat!! In the winter it isn't so bad I can leave them for a bit longer than usual without feeling too bad but in the summer it's every other day....Why oh why didn't I find this razor in the

You love the feeling of soft, smooth skin, but shaving can sometimes make your skin dull and dry. Only the new Venus & Olay razor combines Venus shaving technology and Olay's skin expertise all in one. Olay Moisture Bars help lock-in moisture to your skin for less dryness*, and with every smoothing stroke, Venus 5 blades shave you close.

Just wet the razor to activate the built-in Olay Moisture Bars, releasing a light lather that contains Olay skin conditioners, to help replenish your skin's moisture. No need for separate shave cream, your skin will emerge ultra smooth and beautiful....

I usually use cheap disposable razors and use them in the shower with body wash...Really hard to keep your legs covered in body wash in the shower when there's water dripping Not a problem with this at all! Just wet your legs and off you go...It creates a lovely lather it's self!!  

The razor glides smoothly over the legs at all angles and it gives a close shave thanks to the 5 blades and the added Olay moisture bars really do make all the difference...The moisture bars work a treat....They smell great and leave an amazing soft feeling even for some time after shaving.....My legs feel smooth, moisturised and fresh..

This razor has cut my shaving time in half with not a single cut to my legs and not itchiness!! It really is the best razor I've ever shaved with...

I also liked that it had the holder so I can attach it next to the shower....Way up high away from the kids!!

Prices do seem to vary.....£10.99 at Tesco or they were 3 for £10 at Asda....So make sure to hunt about for the cheapest price...

I was sent the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor free of charge to try....This is my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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