Saturday 14 December 2013

Currys PC World Gift Guide - #bloggergiftguide

When I think of buying electricals I always think of Currys...It's a shame we don't have one in Ashington anymore....It closed a few years ago but there's always the website.....

Currys are asking bloggers to organise their Christmas gift list for a chance to win an ACER Aspire V5-122P 11.6″ touch screen laptop!

Here is my wishlist.....Something for all the people closest to me!

I of course would love a new laptop!! You tell me a blogger who wouldn't....hehehe Mine went kaput a few months ago and I'm using the spare one the girls used to play on....There's nothing wrong with the one I'm using I would just love to give it back to the girls!!

For Stu it would have to be a fancy keyboard for his computer....He is a big 'gamer' and like's to spend his time playing PC games....Especially games like World of Warcraft....It's a wonder the keyboard he uses now isn't broken the amount of bashing it gets...hehehe

For Ellie a Tablet.....She loves playing on Stu's phone and on Becky's tablet....Life would be a lot more peaceful in this house if she had one of her

Becky would love an Apple iPod touch.....She can put all the One direction songs in the world on it and listen to them without torturing me with them....hehehe She is really into her music at the moment so this would be perfect....

For my dad and his girlfriend I would get a couple few things...A travel mug each because they are always on the go and always complain they never get to finish a hot drink.....A coffee machine!! and a Clipper gift set because when ever I see my dad he needs his hair cut...It's a long running joke between us....hehehe

This is my entry into the Currys PC World BloggerGift Guide Challenge....

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