Friday 29 September 2017

A much needed quiet week! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This is one of those weeks where nothing much has happened which isn't a bad thing. I think I needed a calm, and quiet week....

The past month has been a busy, exciting and stressful one for us....We had Becky's birthday, the kids went back to school, had new things to deal with and get used too, drama to do with my teens school, Ellie's appointment with the school nurse and builders in next door for about 3 weeks making a huge racket with their drills!

The builders were back early in the week were scraping wallpaper but they've gone again and I have been enjoying the peace. It has been nice to hear myself think again....

Ellie signed up to two after school clubs. She stays an hour and a half for football and 45 minutes for choir after school and I have found it so strange not doing the school run as she walks home with her friend....I am enjoying the extra hour of quiet until Becky my teen gets in from school....I actually signed the permission slip to let Ellie walk home from school on a normal day where she doesn't have an after school club. Yesterday was the first day where I didn't do the school run and she walked home....She was great and very sensible so her little friend says. hehehe

Stu worked some overtime this week. Instead of getting paid for the extra hours he gets to take the time off his normal shifts....On Tuesday he didn't get home until after 10pm which I found very strange....I did get to watch the Great British Bake off in peace. 

I can't see us having a quiet Saturday....We have a couple of things planned....We got sent a Galleoneers box to try out. It's a monthly recipe subscription box for kids. Hopefully tomorrow we will be making some sushi! We have never made it before but my girls love it so it should be fun.

I am also planning on making a party tea for Saturday night. I really want to try out the corndogs from Tesco and some more of their party food....We do love a picky party tea here.


  1. It I s lovely to have times of quiet and to think. I like the sound of corn dogs,hope you enjoy your weekend X #wotw

  2. I love making sushi, it's a little difficult until you get the hang of it. My daughter is the sushi expert in my house. Good to hear you've had some peace and quiet. x

  3. It's great to have a quiet week every now and then, a chance to recharge. Sounds like you've had plenty of time to yourself, and well done to Ellie for being so sensible walking home. Have a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. What a relief not having the builders next door all the time. I bet Ellie is walking taller, now she's walking home by herself. My son would love to walk home by himself, but our lane is too narrow and busy.The sushi kit looks fab. Hope you all enjoy using it over the weekend. #wotw

  5. Making sushi sounds like great fun. It's nice to have a quiet week every now and again, especially if you've had a busy week before hand x #wotw

  6. Sushi sounds good, I'm on beans and toast at the moment! Hope your daughter enjoys walking home, it was a proud moment when I could do that! x

  7. Sometimes it's nice to have a quiet week, especially after having busy ones. The sushi making kit looks like so much fun, hope you enjoyed it :-) #WotW