Saturday 30 September 2017

I'm joining in with #blogtober17 are you?

Last October I took part in Blogtober16 and this year it's back!! Finding out it was returning made me so happy....I found so many new blogs to read last year and enjoyed the whole community spirit of it....

 The lovely Mandi at Hex Mum Plus 1 is running things again and I can't wait for October to begin!....

If you haven't heard of Blogtober before the way things work is there is 31 prompts....One for each day in October. That means a new blog post every day if you want....You can link up old blog posts if you want to though! 

Each day Mandi posts her blog post for the day and there is a linky to link your blog post for the day....Use the hashtag #blogtober17 on Twitter and they will be found and there is also a Facebook group....

I will still be posting my normal blog posts which I do every week like Meal planning Monday, Word of the Week and My Sunday Photo and anything important which crops up so there might be a few days per week where you are seeing two blog posts a day from me.....Eek!

You can read all about Blogtober17 on Mandi's blog. 


  1. Haha we're like blog post twins lol. I am going to try and tweak my usual posts to fit in but like you some days there will be two blog posts. Good luck and can't wait to see everyone's posts.

  2. Good luck! I'd never thought of doing this, but seeing the prompts, I'm kind of tempted! I know I would end up doing two posts a day sometimes too!

  3. Yay so glad you're joining in again, see you tomorrow!

  4. I like the idea of this but for some of the prompts there is literally nothing I could write! It's a cool idea though.