Thursday 21 September 2017

Early Christmas treats from Tesco....

I know it is early to be talking about Christmas but I don't care....I love it when the shops get their Christmas things in and a couple of weeks ago I was doing my normal online grocery shop and noticed that Tesco have started offering their Christmas goodies and it made me so happy.....

I always love the Christmas party food....These are a few of the things I haven't seen before. I actually bought some of the Cottage pie bites and they are in my freezer. I can't wait to give them a try....Usually by November they go on to the 3 for £5 offer. 

Black Forest Profiteroles - £2.00
12 Cottage Pie Bites - £2.00
Chicken Christmas Trees With A Bbq Dip - £2.00
10 Mini Chilli Beef Jacket P/Toe - £2.00
Thai Inspired Prawn Lollipops - £2.00
9 Mini Chocolate Melt In Middle Puddings - £2.00

They are already adding gifts to the health and beauty section too....Usually closer to Christmas. November time if I remember rightly everything goes down to half price or better.

Disney Beauty And The Beast Chip Nail Set - £5.25
Trolls Bathtime Buddies Set - £7.00
Star Wars Water Cannon Gift Set - £7.00
Thomas The Tank Timer Trainer Gift Set - £7.50
The Gentlemens Grooming Society Box Of Tricks - £13.50
Baylis And Harding Fig And Pomegranate Tray Set - £25.00
Calcot Manor Luxury Spa Treat - £6.00
Nivea Men Routine Gift Pack - £9.00

I have my eye on some of the alcoholic gifts....The Prosecco And Flute Gift Set seems a bargain at £10.00 and the wine glass is so pretty! 

 Mad About World Lager Gift Set - £7.00
Craft Gin Selection Gift Set - £12.00
Prosecco And Flute Gift Set - £10.00
Malt Whisky Appreciation Gift Set - £12.00
Vino Chic Wine Glass And Semillon Wine Gift Set - £6.00
Ale Trug And Bottle Opener Gift Set - £12.00
Red Wine And Stemless Glasses Gift Set - £12.00

I have already taken advantage of the offer they have on the tubs of chocolate.... 2 tubs for £7. At that price it would have been stupid not to....They have Quality Street, Celebrations as well as the Roses and Heroes which I bought.

Do you start shopping for Christmas early?


  1. If I bought chocolate it wouldn't last until Christmas! I do like to get few thing in early though.

  2. Eeek I love this ti email of year! This is the week I start to buy food bits ready for Christmas! My boys would love the tree shaped chicken.

  3. I started today! I have two birthdays before Xmas too so I need to get prepared!

  4. I nearly bought a big tub of Roses today, just need to think of where to hide it, as my guys will make a quick job of it, if they find it. I will be getting some of the boozy gift sets, they look fab, thank you for heads-up!

  5. Will be looking out for these on my Christmas shop. I love the sound of cottage pie bites!
    I always end up replacing the chocolate selection tubs. They are just too tempting hehe x