Saturday 16 September 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 37 #Project365

This week we seem to have got back into a routine with school and my fella going back to work...The weather has taken a turn for the worse and it is really starting to feel like Autumn which has got me thinking about Christmas. So exciting!

Now for a photo every day!

238/365 - 9th September
I wrapped Becky's birthday presents and left them in the corner of the room....She thought I was torturing her. hehehe

239/365 - 10th September
Becky had a wonderful birthday....I love this jumper. I wish it came in my size. hehehe

240/365 - 11th September
Ellie had great fun marking off what she wanted from the Smyths catalogue....She want's everything. lol

241/365 - 12th September
Porridge for breakfast....She is obsessed with it at the moment.

242/365 - 13th September
Just in from school....She loves having P.E last lesson. She gets to come home in her kit.

243/365 - 14th September
I washed my slippers they were stinking....I don't think they're going to last much longer. A new pair is needed.

244/365 - 15th September
She loves these big bows. I hate them but all the girls at school are wearing them....


  1. You're so good to post a photo a day - I admire that you've managed to keep up with it!
    Those huge bows haven't got to our sleepy town yet!
    Hope Ellie had a lovely birthday - two birthdays in the same must be bankrupt hahaha!!

  2. Hehe I'm with you on the bows although your girl's one doesn't look as insane as some I saw the other day. I swear the wee girl was about to topple over under it! #365

  3. My eldest's school make them change even if they have PE last! Find that a bit much! And the big bows are banned at both the girls schools!

    That jumper is pretty cool!

  4. Hope Becky had a good birthday. That is a very cool top. I hate big bows too. Aaaagh! Luckily my daughter doesn't like them. My son likes going home in his PE kit too.

  5. ha ha thats so funny as we had a Smyths cataloguer isn the post, and my two have been busy making as note of ideas for their xmas Santa list! I love that sweater your daughter had for her birthday! I hope she had a great day. I kind of agree about the bows, they are rather big! x

  6. My son loves the Smyths catalogues too - I am not even allowed to throw out the old ones.

  7. I love it when all the Christmas catalogues are here. I've already had my best friend asking about what N would like for Christmas. I've got 5 birthday presents to buy just into November, so no idea even what he wants for Christmas. Hope Becky had a good birthday

  8. "all the girls at school are wearing them" great line, but yes why would you want to be left out?
    Hope she had a great birthday and if you want a jumper like that my youngest makes designer jumpers/tshirts/ will send you a link to her privately.
    That reminds me I need to dig our catalogue out the bin take the plastic cover off and take it to daughter for the kids

  9. lol I'm totally with you on the bows. Some are crazy. I do love the Christmas catalogues and we have all the birthdays around christmas and january too. x #365

  10. LOL, I feel the same way about those bows, so glad I've got a boy. Hope she had a fab birthday #365

  11. hope Becky had a fab birthday, i miss the kids marking off the christmas catalogue, it's just cash for them now