Thursday 14 September 2017

My teenagers 15th birthday.

It was Becky's birthday on Sunday....Weekend birthdays are the best and Becky made the most of being off school for her special day.....

She had a wonderful day.....

Her and Ellie came into my room to wake Stu and I up just before 7am. Eesh! We told them to go back to bed for an hour and they did....Phew! I couldn't hold her off for long by 8am the girls were back and we all got up so Becky could open her pressies....

She got everything she wanted and more....I bought her a few surprises that she didn't ask for or know about and she was over the moon with them. I am glad to say the trainers fit her....I was worried. When we had gone school shoe shopping I had to buy her size 6. The trainers were size 5. I think it was just the fit of the school shoes. Phew!

She picked out some of her new clothes and we got ready to go out for breakfast! We had planned on going to McDonalds but then came up with the idea of going to Weatherspoons....The food is nicer and you get more for your money!

The only disappointment was that our Weatherspoons has stopped selling hot chocolate. Becky had her heart set on one....She had to make do with Pepsi. hehehe We all had full English breakfast's....They were so good and just what we needed on a Sunday morning!

Becky spent the rest of the day playing with her birthday pressies, reading and of course playing on her tablet.

She had a soak in the bath of course with a bath bomb and all the fancy bath products she got....Put her new pj's on and then it was time for tea and cake....She chose pizza from our favourite pizza shop and we had a couple of cakes for her.....I chose the emoji one and Ellie of course choose the Monkey one. hehehe

Becky had a fantastic day....Best birthday ever was mentioned a few times. I am so pleased. She has said that next year she doesn't want to choose the majority of her presents....She want's more surprises because the surprises I bought her were so good. hehehe



  1. Happy Birthday to her! And I just had to Google what a bawse is, thank you for teaching me a new word!

  2. haha, I had to google Bawse too :) It does look like she had a fab day and she's good with those stacking cups, I'm sure there is a more trendy name for them too. Belated Happy Birthday Becky, I'm sure you are going to be a bawse xx

  3. Having teenagers myself I think if you got a compliment that she loved her birthday, you are doing well!! Happy birthday to your daughter. #pocolo

  4. I'm so glad she had a fun day. Times like these she will remember as an adult.

  5. Happy 15th! She looks like she had an awesome day, my (nearly)15yo son has those cups xx

  6. Sounds like she had a fab day and got very spoilt! Happy birthday! #pocolo