Friday 8 September 2017

The return to school. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Both my girls returned to school on Tuesday and they have had a great week.....Becky went into year 10, starting her GCSE's and Ellie went into year 6, her last at primary school....

Becky was so excited to go to school....She was starting her new subjects Health & Social care, Statistics, Computer Science and Geography which she will be studying for her GCSE's.....

For the last 3 years Becky's year group was split into 2 so she always had her lessons with the same people, now the whole year group is mixed and on Tuesday she realised this and it dawned on her that she might be in classes with people she didn't want to be with and her prediction was right....She is with one of the girls who bullied her through primary school, she's sat next to someone in another class who bullied her last year and another boy who she had a falling out with in another class. Awkward. The school have been told about the issues in the past and dealt with them so if any trouble does start I won't hesitate to contact them again....

In Health & social care there is only one boy in the class and when it comes to Statistics there is a lot more boys than girls....She says it's because all the other girls in her year choose Hair & Beauty or Art. She is finding it so strange but because she doesn't have her friends with her I think she will knuckle down and do some work....

Ellie was also very excited to get back to school too....She has the same teacher as last year so she knows that Ellie is deaf in one ear and about her suspected ADHD so there was no worrying and having to explain things...

We're only a few days in to the new term but Ellie is working hard. This year there is a science teacher coming in to teach them and a French teacher too. She is very positive about school which has never happened before. She is coming home and is wanting to read and learn her spellings....I just hope it lasts....

At Ellie's school we have a new head teacher....She's not new to the school though, in fact she taught Becky when she was in year 5 so has been here a while....I was very excited when it was announced that she was going to be head.

The new head has made some changes about how things work at school....I am liking the changes. Instead of just the head coming out to bring the children in on a morning all the class teachers come out now....At lunchtime they are not kept in their classes in the dinner hall they get to sit with other people from other years which is great. Ellie has friends in other classes and is now able to sit with them. There is attendance awards starting too but we'll see how they go. Ellie has a couple of hospital appointments coming up so if she is penalised for being away from school there will be trouble. 

It has been a great week and a great start to the new school year....It is good to be back into a routine although the early mornings are taking some getting used to again....


  1. Glad to hear that Ellie and Becky are settling into school. It's strange when the classes get mixed up for the start of GCSEs and I can imagine it must be very awkward when you end up having to sit with people that you have had issues with in the past. Fingers crossed that there is no more bullying though and that the changes in class help Becky focus. Glad to hear that Ellie has the same teacher which makes things easier. I have much the same feelings about attendance awards - when you have children with additional medical conditions, they can't help having to miss school for hospital appointment. I also think it's ludicrous that we award children for being lucky enough not to be ill (not to mention the fact that it potentially encourages people to send their sick children to school when they really shouldn't be there). Hopefully it won't be an issue for Ellie x

  2. Glad it's all going so well. It must be strange for Becky with new classmates and subjects, but as you say, it might mean she'll concentrate more on her work. It's great that Ellie's so keen, sounds like there are positive changes at her school, too. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. It sounds like a good start back to school, I just hope that Becky doesn't get any trouble. At this age the kids should be maturing a little more so fingers crossed there will be no more bullying x

  4. Our school mixes them all up in year 10 too. Eldest liked it. She's loves mixing with lots of people and not being stuck in the same group. Hope the past bullying doesn't come an issue for Becky. The time gap in between might have helped and as Anne says, they have grown up a little more. Fingers crossed that Ellie continues to enjoy her final year. My youngest is in year 6 too and we've started the countdown for the end of primary for us. Eek! #wotw

  5. Gcse's have changed so much since I did them. They have changed the grading system recently and I don't really understand it yet! Hopefully any past issues she has had with bullies won't resurface but it's good that the school are on the ball if anything occurs. I hate attendance awards, I'd much rather see good behaviour awards, at least that is something the child has control over x#wotw

  6. I an glad it is going well and hope the new changes are not too painful. It is great to hear she is wanting to do work, it makes a huge difference when you are motivated X #wotw

  7. Hi Kim, not such a nice start for Becky, I do hope that not being with her friends in class does have a positive effect to her work and the fact that she's with people who have bullied her in the past doesn't bother her overly. Children learn so much better when they are happy. It is fantastic that Ellie has her same teacher again, I bet you gave a great big sigh of relief. I always hated explaining things about Gregs to new teachers, they never really seemed to listen until the end!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

  8. Glad both girls settled in so quickly. My younger one so far is feeling confused and insecure in a new school (he moved from his infant school to a big primary school now). It's a challenge to meet your bullies again, so my sympathies to Becky, hope she copes well, and that the nasty kids won't bother her again.

  9. It sounds like Ellie has made a really good start to the new school year. That is a bit of a worry about the kids in Becky's classes. I hope they don't give her any trouble.