Sunday 10 September 2017

I have been a mother for 15 years!

Today is Becky's 15th birthday....I really can't believe I have been a mother for 15 years. I remember crying my eyes out in a panic waiting to go for the c-section worrying about stupid things like what if Becky didn't like me. How was I supposed to be a mother when I couldn't even keep plants alive...I was terrified. It turns out she did like me and I have done a good job of keeping her alive....hehehe

Becky is fab! I know I would say that but she really is....She has her moments but what teenager doesn't....I keep telling myself it is just the hormones. 

Becky and I like a lot of the same things like YouTube. A lot of her favourite Youtubers are now my favourites and vice versa....She now watches Brummy Mummy, Louise Pentland & The Michalaks who I love and I have started watching Logan Paul, Lucy & Lydia and Dodie Clark who she loves....

We also like the same sort of TV programmes....There is some I still won't let her watch though. She is desperate to watch Game of Thrones but I won't let her....Eek!

We don't share the same taste in music though....I feel so old saying this but some of what she listens to is just noise to me....She knows so much about popular music where I don't have a clue.....hehehe

Becky has became an expert at sleeping over the past year and when she isn't sleeping she spends a lot of time in her bedroom.....I blame myself. Earlier in the year Stu & I decorated her bedroom in a graffiti style and she loves it. It seems to have really helped with encouraging her to keep her room tidy.

Since her last birthday Becky has chosen her GCSE's and started studying the subjects last week....We had a little drama which meant she couldn't take R.E and French instead she is taking Computer Science and Statistics. I was not very happy about this at all at first but she is loving these subjects so far...She has had a lesson or two of each in the week she has been back at school and she thinks she will understand everything and enjoy them too! 

Becky had her braces taken off last month and it has given her so much confidence. When she was wearing her braces she smiled but kept her mouth closed now it's all about showing off the perfectly straight teeth.

This is the first year where Becky has chosen the majority of her birthday presents....She is getting plenty of clothes. Over the last year she has somewhat changed her style. She used to be all about tracksuits and t-shirts. Now she's preferring jeggings/leggings and tighter tops.....Ellie said to her a few weeks ago "there you go Becky, you look like a real girl now" I am happy with whatever she wears as long as she is.

There is also a few presents she doesn't know about....hehehe She is obsessed with the colour green so I have brought her some joke presents....Pop, sweets, socks, knickers and pens. They are all green. I think I'm funny she will probably think not....

Becky has decided that instead of going out for one big meal she wants to have breakfast out....It was going to be McDonalds but she has decided she wants a pub breakfast instead. A full English breakfast. She then wants pizza for tea....That's fine with me. Becky is just happy not to spend her day at school....

Happy birthday Becky Boo! (she hates me calling her that. lol)


  1. Ah lovely post - Happy Birthday Beckyl The big 1-6 next!

  2. Happy Birthday Becky. Laughing at Ellie calling her a real girl now. What was she before? Lovely to see her smiling without her braces on. She looks like nothing can stop her. Glad she likes Stats and Computer Science. It will make a huge difference. #mmbc

  3. Aw what a lovely post. I did smile at 'not being able to keep plants alive' Hehe! I'm glad she had a lovely birthday. You are an amazing Mum and you should be proud of yourself :) x

  4. Sounds like she is growing up to be a wonderful young lady and large credit goes to you. You sound like an ace mum who loves and cares for your daughter! I hope she has a lovely day X #mmbc

  5. Aww what a lovely post. Great collection of photos and what a lovely young lady she is becoming. Hope she had a great birthday xx

  6. Happy (belated) birthday Becky! What lovely photos and what a lovely post. So glad her braces have given her confidence and that her GCSE subjects are working out well for her.