Sunday 22 May 2022

Another bit of a garden makeover. #MySundaySnapshot

One side of our garden is lovely but at the other side it's overgrown with weeds, full of stones and hasn't been touched at all since we moved in here apart from strimming some of the grass and weeds. Stu decided that yesterday was the day when he started work on it. It seems like it's going to be a big job.

The garden before

There was a big bush to pull up and those pesky decorative stones to move. He worked for about 3 hours and you can see progress. He got the bush out, it was easier than he thought it would be and found quite a few big stones under all of the decorative one's which will come in for something. At the moment they are holding the black plastic sheeting down.

Bush and stones removed

Now we're left with piles of stones and as that side of the garden gets hardly any sun we are going to weed it and then put all of the stones back and put some plants and flowers there which need very little sunlight and hopefully it will look 100% better than it was yesterday morning before Stu started working on it. 

Piles of stones

Have you been doing any gardening lately?

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  1. Great progress on your garden; I can't wait to see it after you put in some plants.

  2. Have fun with your planting. I'm intrigued to find out which shade loving plants you choose. I have a really shady part of the garden and I haven't found anything that likes it there yet!


  3. It will be great to reclaim another part of your garden and put in plants that you want. Shady is difficult. I'm looking forward to seeing what you plant. #mmbc

  4. Thisiswhereitisat25 May 2022 at 23:57

    Looks good profess alrrady made x #mysundaysnapshot

  5. That looks great - well done to you. Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.

  6. We've got a bad side of the garden too! It's hard work doing these big projects, but hopefully worth it in the end. Look forward to seeing it when it's finished.