Friday 27 May 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Believe! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week has flown over, I really didn't expect it to with us heading into half term. I can't believe that we only have about 7 weeks until the end of the school year. This whole school year has flown over too considering it's the first year that Ellie has done a full year at school since she was in year 6. We moved house at the end of her year 7 so she missed the last few weeks and then we had Covid disrupting school.

 It's been a nice week especially after being stressed over the past few weeks about Becky and her girlfriend splitting up. I really can't believe some of the things which have happened since they went their separate ways. Staying friends didn't work and they are no longer seeing each others posts on social media and I know Becky is a much happier person now. I think not seeing each others lives is a good thing.

I have been reading on our local Facebook residents group about a boxing club opening near us and they were in Ellie's school promoting it during the week and I couldn't believe it when Ellie came home from school full of chatter about it, wanting to join in. There is an open evening tonight and I am going to take her for a look and to see what it's all about. I am not on board with it at all at the moment. After getting the news a few months ago that she has old bleeds on her brain from her heart surgery, that worries me. I will ask about it. She might not be able to join in with the contact boxing but I am sure there will be some sort of non-contact training she could join in with, just to be part of something.

Stu couldn't believe his luck during the week when my dad dropped a few things off for him. My dad has been having a clear out of one of his workshops which has been long overdue and he realised he has at least 2 of everything so shared some of the goodies with Stu. A Pillar drill, a grinder, a soldering iron and other bits and bobs. Stu was like a kid at Christmas, in fact he said it was better than Christmas. Eesh, the cheek! 

For the last year or so the kids have been planning things with their friends during the school holidays and I haven't been involved but next week we have a busy week planned. We have something planned for everyday, I don't believe for a second that the kids are favouring me over their friends, everything they want to do costs money and I have the money. lol

I hope you have all had a good week?

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  1. The weeks are flying by aren't they, it will be the end of term before we know it! Glad that Becky is happier, I can't imagine what being a teenager is like these days with social media and everything, we are a few years away yet from boyfriend/girlfriend drama (I hope!) but I can't see it being an easy ride. We are having a week away for half term so I'm crossing my fingers that the weather is nice!

  2. The weeks really are flying by aren't they? I am so glad we did not have social media when I was growing up. I mean I don't really use it at all as I realize I don't handle it well but I would never have been mature enough to realize that when I was younger.

  3. Lol. You have the money, and the kids take advantage of it. Glad for Stu! We bought a sander a few years ago and used it for the first time today! I can imagine the excitement when we own more tools! Enjoy the half term. Sounds like you will!

  4. This last half-term has been quite a short one, I think – the holidays have certainly come around quickly haven’t they? I can’t quite believe we’re on countdown to the end of the school year either. I’m glad Becky is much happier now. Sometimes a clean break is what needs to happen. I can imagine that the boxing club would be a worry with the old bleeds on the brain for Ellie. Sounds like a good idea to seek advice and perhaps limit to non-contact training if possible. How lovely for Stu that your dad had a clear-out of his workshop and passed some things on. Hope you have a nice half-term. #WotW

  5. Fella's always love power tools don't they, I remember spending hours with Graham in tool shops. I'm glad Becky is happier, so she had to split up but so long as the drama has stopped. xx

  6. What a lovely and positive post. I hope Ellie can get involve in some way. xx

  7. Have we actually got through a full years at school?! Isn't it madness! I'm sorry to read Becky has split up with her girlfriend. I think cutting all ties is the best way to go. I hope you have a good half term even if you are there just for the money lol #WotW