Saturday 21 May 2022

Week 20 of #Project365. 14th - 20th May. A photo every day for a year!

This past week has flown over. I think it's down to the nice weather, everything seems better when the sun is shining. I have been out most days in the garden, running errands and to my dad's. Ellie has been out most evenings playing with her friends at the park and Becky has had a busy week with a couple of days training at work.

We don't have much planned for the weekend apart from the usual housework. Becky will be sleeping and then on another night shift tonight and I am sure Ellie will have something planned with her friends.

Now for a photo every day!

Eurovision scores and pasta
Plants and me
The sun and a lamb
This Is Us on the TV

134/365 - 14th May
I had to take a photo just to remember the moment that we were at the top of the leader board at the Eurovision song contest. Didn't we do well, we might not have won but coming 2nd to Ukraine was absolutely fine!

135/365 - 15th May
A nice easy lunch for a Sunday, pasta and sauce.

136/365 - 16th May
My plants were starting to outgrow my mini greenhouse. The greenhouse really was one of the best things that I have bought over the past few months.

137/365 - 17th May
I was out in the garden doing some weeding and planting some of the plants from the greenhouse into the ground. I had to have a sit down and a break, it was so warm.

138/365 - 18th May
More sunshine. I love that it's still so light late on an evening.

139/365 - 19th May
On the way to my dad's I stopped for a look at the lambs.

140/365 - 20th May
Aww! Rebecca Pearson, what a woman! I sat through the latest episode of This Is Us and cried. There is one more episode left and I am hoping for some happy endings.

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  1. It's so nice to have the light evenings isn't it. Feels like they're light til later much earlier than normal

  2. You have been busy! Your greenhouse is looking great. I am so behind this year.
    I'm loving the lighter nights too, you can get so much more done.
    Lovely selfie. xx

  3. My favorite photo in your collection today is the lamb - they're so cute. #MMBC

  4. It does make a difference when the weather is nice, doesn’t it? I took a photo of the leaderboard as well with Eurovision – we got quite excited watching the scores come in! Lovely to see your plants growing well in your mini greenhouse. So tempted to get myself one for next year. #project365

  5. Loved watching Sam at the Eurovision song contest and I sobbed my way through this is us too - cannot believe it has finished now

  6. I was so thrilled that we finally did well at Eurovision! Pasta is my go to meal for all of us, must be my Italian heritage :) #project365

  7. I am so pleased to hear your plants are doing well. I would love a greenhouse and to grow my own tomatoes. I haven't watched This Is Us, but heard so many good things about it I might have to start.