Tuesday 10 May 2022

Why I love my youngest girls school.

I have never been a massive fan of my girls schools in the past. There has always been certain teachers that I have loved but on a whole the schools haven't been great. The negatives have far outweighed the positives. I'm not going to go into the reasons why because this post isn't about them, it is about Ellie's school now which the longer that she is there, the more and more I am loving it.


When we first visited Ellie's school before she had even started we felt at ease, the whole school felt homely and welcoming. It was a big change going from a secondary school with thousands of pupils to one with just over 500. I have come to learn that because there is a lot less children the teachers seem to know everyone by name and I do like that. In Ellie's old school there were teachers she hadn't even seen before and they had no clue who she was, here the teachers seem to know every student.

The special educational needs teacher has always been my go to person at the school and every time I have emailed her with a question, even after school hours she's replied within a couple of hours later at the latest. All of the teachers are aware that Ellie is deaf in one ear and that's not just the one's that teach her, the powers that be keep all of the teachers informed about all students which I think is fantastic. Even the receptionist knows Ellie which I think is so lovely.

There is a real community spirit to the school. I know what is happening in Ukraine is terrible and I heard about schools having non-uniform days to raise money for those poor people but our school had a non-uniform day to raise money for a girl in the school who has cancer. They said "Whilst there is much conflict in the world today and many, many people in need: ***** is one of us and part of our community. We feel strongly that it is our duty to help support her and her family as they begin the battle ahead of them". As much as I want to help everyone I always think my nearest and dearest come first and that is how the school are doing things.

Ellie was in a bit of trouble at the start of this year and the school handled it brilliantly. She was in the wrong and they jumped straight onto the problem, were fair and they kept me informed. The school are there when you need them if you have a problem and are there when you think there is no problems but your little darlings are playing up.

I am such a fan of my youngest girls school and I am gutted that she just has over a year left there. I do wish that we had moved here sooner so Becky could have experienced it too.

Do you like your children's school?


  1. So lovely to read! I'm very happy with my children's schools, like yours they are both small schools and I think that makes a huge difference, some of the teachers at the senior school even know my daughter who is in the junior school, so when she starts there in September there will be familiar teachers. They are also very friendly schools and very open for parents to communicate with them which is good, I don't contact the teachers very often but I know that they are there if I need them.

  2. A school of just 500 sounds awesome. It's great to hear that Ellie is happy there :o)


  3. Sounds lucky you moved and were able to choose that school. 500 is small for a secondary. The village one N is going to is over 900 and that's 700 smaller than the catchment school which is also a village school.

  4. That sounds like a wonderful school!!