Tuesday 24 May 2022

Funny things that my girls have said.

A few years ago I used to write blog posts including the funny things that my girls have said. I haven't written one in years, it's not that they don't say funny things anymore, it's just I never got around to writing those posts. 

Happy faces

These are some of the funny things that my girls have said lately:

Becky bought herself a new phone case and it arrived with smudges and mucky marks on it. She said "I didn't pay for these smudges" and Ellie says "think yourself lucky, you got them for free.

Ellie was off out to play with friends. I asked what time are you coming home meaning pick a time. She just said "I'll text you". The cheek, it will be 7pm then. When she was getting ready to go out she asked for some money for a drink. I had no change and she went towards Becky's purse and said I'll borrow some from her, she won't realise she's asleep and has too much money anyway.

The kids have got it into their heads that they want a dog. They're not getting one but they're not having it. They were looking at dogs online. They don't want an angry looking one or one with long legs. Ellie wants an German Shepherd but Becky says they're fighting dogs, no, no, no says Ellie "they're the one's that save you when you're up a mountain". I really don't know where they get their ideas from. lol 

While talking about dogs it turns out Becky doesn't know how to say Chihuahua and then had me saying it wrong too. At least Ellie knew how to say it and corrected us while rolling her eyes.

Becky tells me not to tell her about episodes of Grey's Anatomy that she is watching but then goes on to ask if so and so get together, does she die and so on and when I tell her she tells me off for telling her.

What do you's want to eat next week? I asked the kids while meal planning. Takeaway, sushi, trifle, pop tarts and Pot Noodles. I don't think so, when will the learn that when I ask I mean they have to come up with meal ideas, not snacks.

Ellie has done pretty well in her mock exams and her predicted GCSE grades are better than we expected. She is taking great pleasure in telling us that she's more clever than everyone and now thinks it means she doesn't have to do any revision. She's wrong. lol 

Neither of the girls had any interest in the Johnny Depp trial until all the TikToks appeared. Every time anyone says "jar" they sing "I've got a jar of dirt" and we say the word "pint" the kids say is it a mega pint. 

Ellie went to meet Becky from her training at work just so she would buy her some fizzy pop because I said no to giving her money to buy some. We have plenty or juice and water in the house. As well as the pop Ellie stung her sister for a bag of chips too. 

I dragged Becky out for a walk and she did nothing but complain. It's too hot, too bright, there was too many bugs, it was just too much effort. I don't know what is worse toddlers or teenagers.

What have your kids said lately which made you chuckle?


  1. I was just thinking last night about a post I used to write with all the funny things my kids had said and realized it has been far too long since I've really paid attention and wrote any of them down!

  2. I have never really written down the funny things my kids have said, but my daughter is keeping a record of all the funny things her Grandma (my mother-in-law) has said and she has quite a list.

  3. Kids do say the funniest things and this is one of the fun things about working in a preschool. Today I asked one of my little students to wash his hands before morning tea. He said he already had but the guilty look on his face gave him away. I asked him when he had washed them and he replied "yesterday". Nice try!

  4. I laughed too hard reading this! Love it.