Saturday 7 May 2022

Week 18 of #Project365. 30th April - 6th May. A photo every day for a year!

We've had a week of ups and downs. Stu has a job interview lined up for next week, (he's not leaving his current job though), I have started shopping for his birthday in a few months and poor Becky has had some personal issues going on. She's fine but has decided she has a lot of thinking to do about some things that have came up with her girlfriend. I haven't really been up to much apart from watching the Depp V Heard trial and the housework. I am certainly glad it's the weekend, I am ready for a couple of lie in's and lazy days although I do have some gardening to do.

Now for a photo every day! 

Sunflowers growing
Pizza and pink flowers
Pancakes and fruit and chicken coated in Pringles
holiday cancellation

120/365 - 30th April
My sunflowers are growing well but I do wish I had planted them further down the garden.

121/365 - 1st May
We had a takeaway. Pizza. I am totally blaming the kids, they put the idea into my head. It was good and we had leftovers for the next day.

122/365 - 2nd May
Pretty pink flowers. 

123/365 - 3rd May
I made myself some pancakes for breakfast. The kids were gutted they weren't here to have them too. hehehe I have said I might make them over the weekend.

124/365 - 4th May
Chicken coated in Pringles. They were good. We had them with potato wedges and it's a meal which we will have again. It's a recipe that the kids saw on TikTok.

125/365 - 5th May
One holiday cancelled. Booking it was pretty easy, cancelling not so much. Becky had to actually speak to people on the phone which she wasn't overjoyed about.

126/365 - 6th May
Dandelions. I do moan about them covering my garden but the do make pretty pictures.

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  1. came by for a nose at this weeks posts to see how people are doing. It is scary when your "kids" get old enough to be making mature decisions on their own lives. Saw your chicken, going to give it a try, but mine will be with golden wonder as never buy pringles. Your Sunflowers should replant easily enough at that size.

  2. It's so funny but I too hate to actually have to talk to people on the phone and I had/have to do that at least twice for our Disney/ Universal trip since we're trying to apply our old unused ticket balances to this trip. It's so much more fun to plan the vacation than to cancel it.

  3. Good luck to Stu with the job interview. i'm intrigued now as to why he's applying for one if he's not leaving. Why did you have to cancel your holiday? Hope the girlfriend issues are sorted soon and that you're able to offer the right support, which is hard as a parent to teens

  4. Hope the interview goes well. The chicken looks good, I might try it sometime too.

  5. Good luck to Stu for his interview. Sorry to hear that Becky has some personal issues going on, hope all works out. The sunflowers are really growing well – we’ve got a couple in pots at the moment and I’m hoping they’ll survive the transfer to the garden as I rarely have much luck growing sunflowers. The chicken coated in Pringles looks amazing, definitely going to have to give that a try. I love seeing dandelions – we make biscuits using ours! #project365

  6. Good luck at the job interview. Such a shame you have had to cancel your holiday, we were looking at booking one next year, but sadly won't be able to afford it

  7. Shame about the holiday needing to be cancelled. Hope you get away somewhere. Chicken with pringles? sounds interesting... #project365