Wednesday 18 May 2022

A girls night out.

Pre-drinks at 6:41pm, hitting the bar at 8:34pm and exchanging four bits of gossip make up the perfect girls’ night out a study has found.


Researchers who polled 2,000 women found the night begins with just over an hour getting ready to party with four friends while enjoying a few glasses of wine. Mojitos are the most popular choice of cocktails followed by Sex on the Beach. Daiquiris came in close third, trailed by Cosmos and Pornstar Martinis. It’s time to move to the club at 10:55pm, with plenty of opportunity for dancing accompanied by spirits and mixers. As well as enjoying two straight shots, the perfect night also includes five trips to the toilet with pals, having danced away to 35 songs. Finishing the perfect night with a portion of chips from the local takeaway and getting in at 1:25am.

The last time I had a girls night out was before Coronavirus was a thing and it was a pretty civilised event. We went out just after 5pm, drank a couple of bottles of wine, saw a Bon Jovi tribute act, danced lots and was home by 11pm. It was fun but nothing like the nights out before I moved to Scunthorpe. 

Bon Jovi Tribute act

I had some of my best nights out in Northumberland. The unplanned one's were always fun! One bank holiday my friends arranged to go out, I wasn't even going to go as I was short of money but they offered to buy me a couple of drinks and I would buy a few more with the money I had, we weren't going to be out all night. hahaha Those famous last words. We went out late-afternoon to see one of our favourite local bands and when they had finished their gig locally we followed them to South Shields I think it was, it could have been North Shields.

I think the best nights I've ever had out were seeing a Bon Jovi Tribute band in Blyth, Northumberland. The lead singer looked nothing like Jon Bon Jovi, he was Scottish but my goodness he did sing like JBJ. It was a scary looking pub, one of those which looked run down and intimidating but everyone was so nice. 

Another Bon Jovi Tribute Act

At the end of the night the lead singer would always tell those who had enough guts to get up on stage to sing and dance along to the last song. Of course my friends and I always got up there.

Referring back to the study: four friends always was the best night out (it was just the right number) and the best gossip was always exchanged when drinks had been being poured and inhibitions were lost. I think I was the only one to really drink wine, fruit cider was always the most popular choice. Cocktails were always enjoyed and a good night out has to end with a takeaway. Pizza or a kebab is my choice but there always has to be leftovers for the next day!

I do sometimes miss a girly night out but most of the time I am all for staying in where it's cosy, comfy and I certainly don't miss the hangovers. I actually have a night out planned next month to see the same Bon Jovi tribute band I saw before Covid happened, it should be a good night.

Do you like a night out or would you rather stay home?

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  1. I am still friends with the girls I worked with at the Uni Library and we used to have lots of girls nights out where we'd end up drinking cocktails and such. It was great to catch up. But since I got sick I rarely get to go out now except to the theatre which I know can accommodate my wheelchair. I did go to see the The Practical Jokers, but the wheelchair seating there was a joke, I was miles away from the stage! Im going to see Singing in the Rain with my sister-in-law next month and I can't wait xx