Sunday 29 May 2022

Playing pool and having a pint. #MySundaySnapshot

I love spending time with my girls whether it's all of us together or having some one on one time. Becky enjoys playing pool and it just so happens that one of our local pubs has a pool table and it's free on a Tuesday and Wednesday. We have been a couple of times over the last month and it's nice to have some time together. I don't usually drink alcohol during the day but the sun was shining on Tuesday and I couldn't resist having a pint of Dark Fruit cider.

At the pub

I am no good at pool and have only won games because Becky has potted the black ball by mistake. I did come close to winning on Tuesday though. I had one ball let to pot plus the black one, I took my shot and ended up potting the black losing the game and then my red ball went into the pocket. If only it had been the other way around, I would have won. hahaha

Pool table

Are you any good at playing pool?

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  1. I haven't played pool in years but I'm glad you are managing to have some special time with Becky, even if she does keep winning :) xx

  2. I am awful at playing pool! My mother in law had one in her old house and my husband and I began playing together when we were in high school... yet I never seemed to get any better at it!

  3. I tried playing pool as a teenager 100 years ago LOL, but I am a klutz and no good! Spending time alone with one child is perfect time to create memories. I remember alone time with my mom as it was special. #MMBC

  4. Lovely to have time playing pool with Becky. I'm not very good at it either! Shame about the balls going in the wrong way around when you were so close to winning. #MMBC

  5. So great you got to spend time with your girls doing something fun together. I wouldn't be able to resist those delicious looking fruit ciders either!

  6. thisiswhereitisat31 May 2022 at 19:24

    Sounds a good way to spend time with your kid X #mysundaysnapshot

  7. Nothing better than a pint and a few games of pool. Thanks for linking up and for sharing your snapshots with #MySundaySnapshot.