Saturday 12 August 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 32 #Project365

Happy Saturday! These weeks are flying over. I blame the fact it's the school holidays and it's the run up to birthday season in my house. My fellas next week, Ellie's a couple of weeks after then Becky's the week after that.

Now for a photo every day.

203/365 - 5th August
Fresh flowers always make me happy. I have been getting them most weeks with my shopping delivery.

204/365 - 6th August
Ellie asked to take my Sunday photo and of course she had to take one of Monkey.

205/365 - 7th August
Becky baked...Her cookies didn't work out well. They ended up too think and they burned but her chocolate cake was delicious.

206/365 - 8th August
I don't usually take much notice of my Tots 100 score. For the past couple of years I've been in the top 200. This month I found myself back in the Top 100 at number 66. I know it's just a glitch. Something to do with changing how they collect their scores and older blogs being ranked higher but I will take the ranking of 66 and go with it. heheheh

207/365 - 9th August
She had a lovely time doing some drawings. So many unicorns. 

208/365 - 10th August
We had some fun doing an experiment using the sweets Skittles that I found on Science Sparks. This was just before we started, they were so excited. 

209/365 - 11th August
We had some Organix Punk'd bars to try out....There will be a review coming soon.


  1. I love that Skittle experiment. Dud you eat the white ones at the end of it? And as long as the chocolate cake was yummy I would say that was a great success! #365

  2. Well done on the Tots ranking. Mine shot up too for the same reason I think - sometimes it pays to have been around for a while.Like the idea of experiments with Skittles.

  3. Well done on the tots score . Need to go and read how they are doing the new scores, I have been hovering around No300 for a few years now but back in the top 250 this month.
    Shame about the biscuits, but well done on the cake.

  4. Well done on tots. I'm at 65, nice to be back in the top 100 (last month I went down to 240 which was a bit of a shock after the last 2 years of being up near/in 100). Guess next month I'll be shooting back down.

  5. wow so many birthdays in such a short space of time! Think of all the cakes lol! Well done on your TOTS score - thats great :)
    love the skittles experiment - we did it a while back and its fascinating to watch x

  6. Way to go on your tots score. The skittles experiment is so much fun. The cake looks fab, shame about the biscuits x

  7. Well done on the Tots score, us oldies got a boost this month, has to be some benefit for being around for so long :) I keep meaning to try that skittles experiment!

  8. The cookies sound yummy. Well done on the Tots, I'm enjoying being in a better spot this month too. The Punk'd bars have gone down well here with my critic #365