Saturday 26 August 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 34 #Project365

Another week, another Project 365 post. A photo every day for a year....This week I seem to have taken more photos for things I am reviewing than real life photos....Eek!

217/365 - 19th August
We reviewed some personalised children's stationery this week and Ellie my youngest is very impressed. She is all excited for going back to school.

218/365 -  20th August
Cereal for tea! We had a roast dinner and were actually still full so didn't need much to eat.

219/365 - 21st August
Playing with water again...They both came in soaked to the skin.

220/365 - 22nd August
A little something I have been sent to review.

221/365 - 23rd August
We had a leak under the bath (it's all fixed now) and as the water had been switched off the landlords husband kindly brought us some bottled water for a cuppa. 

222/365 - 24th August
It feels like Christmas. I was sent some wine to review.

223/365 - 25th August
Becky went for a wander into town and came back with a lolly the size of her head. lol


  1. Hi Kim, I do love those personalised pencils, they are so much nicer than the pencils I had for school (all those years ago!). The Little Box Of Love sounds very interesting! What was in it? Sounds a little saucy if you ask me! It's a shame you can't keep the wine for Christmas, how perfect would that have been?

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  2. Glad the leak under the bath got fixed, and that you didn't have to go thirsty!
    Did Becky manage to eat that lollipop?!

  3. I'm the same I often end up with more 'work' photos than real life. I really think water play is such a good thing to do and it's fine if you are at home and can easily get changed.

  4. Ooh I think N would love personalise pencils. We used to love them as kids too.

  5. work photos are still photos and still reflect your week.
    a nice colourful lolly but have to admit it is very attractive and can see why it would appeal.
    My lot use to love personalised pencils and things.

  6. I'm looking forward to trying out that Prosecco tonight. Hope the leak is all sorted. Love the pencils, my son would think they were fab too #365