Saturday 12 August 2017

In Solitary? I could easily spend 5 days alone....

I have seen a TV show advertised on Channel 5 called In Solitary....It see's contestants attempting to survive five days and nights in solitary confinement. Totally alone....No social media, no strangers, no loved ones...From what I can see they are in a PortaCabin, alone. They have things to do like colouring in, books and have everything they need to live like a bed, toilet and food.....

The adverts shows people breaking down and crying....What wusses! Five days alone would be my idea of heaven! My guess is the contestants were chosen because they have a busy social life, see their family every day or need company....Those type of people.

I could easily spend 5 days alone...

As long as I know my girls are looked after I would be happy to leave them for 5 days....They are 9 and 14 now. I know they would cope OK without me....They would probably be glad of the break from me too....

I never get this long to myself. I am not a people person. I'm quite the introvert. I like a gossip with my friends and love them to bits but I can go 5 days without speaking to them. 

Five days is 120 hours. That sounds like the perfect amount of time to spend alone.

In that time alone I could:

Sleep! I never get enough sleep.....I could sleep and sleep and sleep some more. Boring for viewers to watch but I would love it.

I could read. Since I started blogging I haven't really read any books. There are books which I have bought and would love to read but I have never quite got around to even opening them.

I have always wanted to learn to crochet or knit. 5 days would be long enough to learn?

I could stay in my pj's with no bra on! Comfort at it's best.

As I never have much time away from my girls and Stu it would give me chance to miss them and appreciate them.....

If there was a bath I could bathe in peace. No one coming in needing a wee, no one telling tales on their sister and nobody asking pointless questions...

If I had a pen and paper I could write ideas for blog posts. hehehe

If you had 5 days alone in one room, what would you do?


  1. haha I LOVE this, I am an introvert so i would happily do five days alone, I would sleep loads and yes READ! I would miss my hubby and kids and yes probably my instagram feed, but I would totally love it too

  2. sleeeeeeeeeepppppp...the sheer luxury

  3. I could easily spend 5 days totally alone and I would enjoy every minute of it!

  4. I would miss my family too much...but then my fortnight in hospital was bliss (apart from the pain) I could sleep whenever I wanted, had my food brought to me on a plate and no washing up (or arguments over food.) I read books and bought my very first colouring book. Of course there were still people around but I didn't have to interact if I didn't want to. I would have been happier without the student Drs but being such a rare case I was very popular. Five days is not very long really. I could go that long without seeing anyone I'm sure. x

  5. Hehe! This sounds like a holiday to me. I would so use it to catch up on sleep. Like you said, it would be awesome just to have a bath in peace. I might sign up 😝 x