Tuesday 22 August 2017

Personalised Children's Stationery from I Just Love It. #BackToSchool

My favourite thing about going back to school in September as a child was all the new stationery I would get....My girls are the same. This is the first year that Ellie has been allowed to take her own pens and pencils into school so when an email dropped in my inbox from I Just Love It about their stationery it seemed like perfect timing.....

Ellie is going into Year 6 in a couple of weeks and it is an important year for her....As well as it being her last year of primary school she will also have her SATs. At the end of the last school year there was worries about her having ADHD. We are no further forward in this but anything which gets her excited about school and writing good.....I thought her own personalised pencil case and pencils would be a great way to encourage her.....

We were sent the Children's Personalised Pencil Case & Contents set which is at the moment on sale for £14.84.

Which contains:
A large personalised pencil case measuring 30cm in length.
20x personalised colouring pencils.
2x personalised HB pencils.
Felt tip pens.
2x writing pens.
30cm ruler.
Pencil sharpener.

The pencil case as you can see is black but there were several choices of colour for the text. Pink, Red, Silver or White....

Opening the package I was very impressed and Ellie was too....She didn't expect the pencil case to be as big as it was....It is 30cm so is very long but that is the perfect size to fit the ruler in....

Everything a child Ellie's age would need for school is included....I really like that the handwriting pens are Berol one's as they are the one's they use in Ellie's school so she is used to them and can't be told off for using them. The pencil case feels strong enough to deal with a nearly 10 year old using it....I think it will easily last the school year!

The personalised colouring pencils are just lovely! Ellie has taken colouring pencils to school before and they have been stolen from her....Now nobody can take them as she is the only Ellie in her class. hehehe

We took everything out of the packaging and put it into the pencil case and there was more than enough room for everything with plenty of room to spare.

We really like this set and Ellie is very excited about going back to school....She says now she has her own pens and pencils she will be able to work harder and write more.....This is the exact reaction I wanted from her. I am so pleased.

As of writing this I Just Love It have 25% off back to school gifts including personalised lunchboxes, stationery sets and notebooks....

We were sent this free of charge for our honest review....This is it. All thoughts and opinions are our own!


  1. What a fab set! I love personalised items and they are ideal for kids returning back to school :) x

  2. What a great personalised set. My Daughter would love these :) #PoCoLo

  3. stationery isn't just for school you know, i love picking up bits and pieces for myself and have quite a few personalised pieces with chickenruby on them #pocolo

  4. What a great set. We still need to find a suitable pencil case she is being so fussy! #pocolo

  5. Wow - beautiful - that has to make going back to school (and using stationery) the best! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo - and hope back to school went ok x

  6. I don't think you can ever have enough stationery.