Tuesday 29 August 2017

My baby girl is 10!

For about 6 months if anyone asked Ellie how old she was she would say she is 10.....She has been so desperate to be in double figures but she doesn't have to wait any longer....My baby is 10!!

Every day with Ellie is an experience....She makes me nearly pee myself laughing, cry, amazes me with the things she knows, makes me feel like banging my head against the wall and then sometimes I want to hug her and never let her go.....

Every year I say she has grown up and matured so much in  a year but this year she really has.....Again!

Over the past year Ellie has had a lot going on in her life.....She started Year 5 at school which is a bit of a nothing year....Obviously every year at school is important but in year 5 nothing exciting happens....

What was exciting at school was the school choir! Ellie joined.....She really loves singing and even though she is shy she likes to be part of something and performing....Lots of schools were brought together to put on a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! It was such a good show and I couldn't have been any prouder!

Ellie has became obsessed with Unicorns over the past year and I mean really obsessed....She even has a unicorn walk that she does. I will try and catch it on video one day....It is hilarious but ever so cute!

In September Ellie's day/week/year was made when I won tickets to see Disney on Ice with VIP treatment....It was such an amazing evening. She had the best time....We all did! 

Ellie discovered Playmobil....She was a little late to it age wise but loves it. In fact today she is getting a few more sets. It is one of those toys which is kept out because putting it away would be pointless as she plays with it so much! 

Ellie still loves playing with dolls and her toy kitchen that she got for her last birthday.....I am so glad that she hasn't grown out of real toys yet....She has such a great imagination and can play for hours making up her own games...

In February Ellie was a bit naughty....OK well a lot naughty and decided to have a go at online shopping! She spent £155 on the Smiggle website. Stu had left himself logged into PayPal and Ellie went wild.....Thankfully Smiggle were amazing and we got a full refund....

Ellie has became quite handy in the kitchen....She can cook simple meals and she is a fantastic baker...Give her a one of those cupcake kits that you get from supermarkets and she has no problems in making them. She is also quite an expert at making scones too!

We have had bullies to deal with over the past year.....Girls bullying my girl made me cry.....Thankfully Ellie's amazing teacher dealt with it and towards the back end of the school years things were so different....Ellie was best friends with one of the cool kids which made her cool....

Ellie is one of the most stylish people I know....She now picks her own clothes out and no matter what she wears she looks so trendy....She still hates wearing jeans but like me has found a love for jeggings....hehehe She loves to wear a dress but isn't the most lady like person. 

Ellie doesn't excel when it comes to written work at school....She is more of a practical hands on person so when they had a project to do something at home she got well into it....Out of the many options she chose to find a World War 2 recipe and make it which we did.....We made some World War 2 biscuits and she got many house points and Learner of the Week in her class for her effort!

In May Ellie started to walk home from school after choir practice with her friend and it was a big step for me and her....I have started to give her a little more freedom. Eek! Over the summer holidays she has played out with friends and over the last couple of weeks she has walked with Becky to meet their dad from work. Town is only 10 minutes from me but it does make me nervous!

So we're just a week away from going back to school....We still have the suspected ADHD diagnosis hanging over us but that is nothing....My girl has had problems with her eyes, open heart surgery and is deaf in one ear....Having ADHD just means she will get extra help at school. It won't change anything about her...

Ellie is my little chicken.....My crazy, stampy, smiley girl.
Happy birthday lovely.....


  1. Happy Birthday Ellie. I hope you have an amazing day :D
    My Ella loves unicorns as well, I think she's as obsessed as you are!

  2. Aw, she has come so far bless. A big happy birthday to Ellie 🎂 🎁 I hope she has an amazing day xx

  3. Awwww lovely post, Happy birthday Ellie hope she has a lovely day X #mmbc

  4. Lovely post. Happy Birthday Ellie