Thursday 10 August 2017

My teens birthday wish list from Wicked Uncle....

In June we reviewed some items from Wicked Uncle and my teen said she was going to make a list of things she wanted for her birthday and she has done just that....Her birthday is exactly a month away and I really need to start buying things!

Jellyfish Tank Mood Light - £18.95
Popcorn chocolate bites - Sweet and salty caramel - £4.95
Petal Perfect, Luxury pamper gift box - £17.95
Imagic - Smart magic for smart devices - £24.95
Lucky seven rings necklace - £34.99
Hop, skip & funk - Six odd socks - £10.99
Genetics and DNA experiment kit - £26.99
Mini arcade machine - 240 Multi-level games - £24.95

Becky even has a cake picked out from the Wicked Uncle website....She want's me to make her one this year and thinks this will be perfect. At £16.95 it isn't a bad price as long as I don't mess it up....Eek!

Obviously Becky won't be getting everything she has asked for...The prices are great at Wicked Uncle but I'm not made of money....hehehe


  1. oooh good luck with the cake! Becky has chosen well, you can see she's growing up. I'm very interested in the genetics and DNA experiment kit!

    1. Yes...There is less toys and more things. A sign of her age. :(
      Thank you x

  2. I'd never thought of putting a wish list together for Birthdays just Christmas. May she have a wonderful birthday when it rolls around. #mmbc

  3. Hi Kim, I love the variety in Becky's selection and all from one site too! Love the jelly fish mood tank and chocolate popcorn. I have visions of Becky trying out some DNA experiments on her sister, it could be very messy!

    That cake looks great and of course you can pull it off!

    Thank you for linking up to the #MMBC.


    1. She has been dying to eat popcorn for a couple of years but hasn't been able to because of her braces. The chocolate popcorn is just perfect as she's getting her braces off soon.
      hehehe Thank you x

  4. Great picks Becky! That cake looks fab good luck with it! #pocolo

  5. That cake looks awesome - good luck with it! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo