Friday 11 August 2017

Feeling the pinch. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Every year it happens. This is the week where we are in the poor house....hehehe We have the usual bills and food to buy and then birthday shopping and birthday meals to budget for too. This is the week where we feel the pinch...People ask why we never go on a summer holiday, this is why! August is our most expensive month....

Over the next month is is Stu, my fellas birthday, Ellie's 10th birthday and Becky's 15th. 

The older the kids get the more expensive they get....They know what they want now and it costs more. They don't just want no-name trainers now. They want Nike ones.....They want all the latest gadget, books by Youtubers and a certain teenager has grown so much she no longer fits in children's clothes she now wears ladies clothes.

Ellie's present's are all bought and I bought the last of Becky's presents earlier in the week and they should be delivered early next week. I have one last present arriving for Stu's birthday. I hope it comes before Wednesday. Eek!

Stu will be working on his birthday so we'll be having a takeaway. The kids have decided what they want to do on their birthdays....Ellie wants to go to our local Brewers Fayre. She loves the indoor and outdoor play areas and Becky wants to go to another local family pub, The Old Ash Dene. I went there for a meal at Christmas with my friends but the kids & Stu haven't been yet. The food is amazing!! They have chosen their birthday cakes and all I have to do is buy cards and wrapping paper.

I do really need to start buying the kids things for going back to school....This year is a good year all I have to buy is shirts, trousers. shoes and a school bag each. I can pick all of those up in Asda. My good friend gave me some school jumpers for Ellie so that has saved me a small fortune. This time next year she will be having them back for her son as long as Ellie hasn't ruined them.....

I did get a few things while I was doing my online grocery shop. Quite a lot of the back to school stationery was and as of yesterday is still on offer. As Becky is starting her GCSE's in September and is taking Statistics as one of her options I thought a fancy calculator would be a good idea. I got her a Casio one reduced from £11.99 to £5.99. Bargain! 

I have decided this week to skip the food shop....The freezer is pretty full and the cupboards are over flowing! All we need is bread, milk, fruit and some more things for the fridge. I will pick those up from Iceland when and if we need them.....

We have enjoyed lots of inexpensive things this week.....The kids have played outside a lot, played on the computers and we had some fun with Skittles yesterday! We found an experiment on Science Sparks and had to try it.


  1. August is expensive in our household too. My teen turned 15 this month too. It is a bit of a shock when the children section no longer fits. Especially the shoes. Both the older two are in adult sizes now and still growing. We've got the back to school shopping to look forward to. I think everyone is in denial that the holidays will end.#wotw

  2. It is tough when so many financial things happen at once. I hope you have a lovely time celebrating though. I can't wait till my boys are older to do similar experiments X #wotw

  3. This is the month when I get the kids birthday presents in and the school stuff, so I feel your pain! We are going away, too, and it all adds up! Sounds like you've lovely plans so it'll all be worth it anyway, hope the birthdays are all wonderful x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. oh I hear you, my three were all born within the same four weeks! I'm two down one to go, and it costs a fortune. Star wants to go to Pizza Hut for her birthday and for all 7 of us it's comes to around £100. Thankfully I get paid just in time :) Uniforms can't be bought until early September, not my choice, they are just not available until then. I have already bought their shirts/blouses and p.e. joggers though. We are having a summer holiday next year, we have started saving already, it's the only way.

  5. Most of the birthdays in my family are at the beginning of the year. So we end up shopping the January sales. #WOTW

  6. I can well imagine that you must feel the pinch at this time of year with lots of birthday and back-to-school to cater for. Thankfully having fun doesn't necessarily have to come with a price tag. That skittles experiment looks fabulous. Sounds like you are very organised with planning for the girls' birthday :-) #WotW