Monday 28 August 2017

Things my girls have said. #ftmob

It has been far too long since I have joined in with From the mouths of babes with the lovely Louise at Little Hearts Big Love. It's all about the things our children have said....Funny, embarrassing or something else....

Ellie made me want to write this blog post.....On Saturday my two girls Ellie and Becky and myself went to meet my fella from work and while we were waiting for him I said to my girls they could have a pound each to spend in the pound shop....Ellie said "Becky can have mine". I asked why and she said "it's my birthday on Tuesday Becky can treat herself because she won't get anything".....

Ahh! My heart nearly melted. Ellie is a diva and a drama queen and then she goes and says something like this which is so thoughtful and kind....She really didn't want to spend anything but I made her. hehehe I said to her if you don't spend your pound Becky won't be getting one either.....She bought a mermaid. 

At the start of the summer holidays Becky wore a size 4 shoes.....For her birthday in just under 2 weeks I have bought her some expensive trainers in size 5. We went school shoe shopping last week and she is in a size 6. I may have said a few swear words in the shoe shop....Ellie turned and told me off big style. Something along the lines of "Mam, we're in public you can't say words like that". Washing my mouth out with soap was mentioned. Oops. I am really hoping it is just the fit of the shoes and the socks she had on and the new trainers do fit Becky! 

While the girls have been on their holidays Becky my teen has realised I am cool. Well sort of. She loves the You Tuber Logan Paul? I didn't know who he was at the start of the summer holidays but obviously after watching many of his videos I know him now.....Anyway he had some drama with his brother Jake and made a "Diss Track"....My teen has been listening to it on repeat or it seems like it....She played it last week and I sung along almost word for word.....

Becky looked at me....Mouth open wide in amazement and said "Mother, really! Really! I don't know whether to cringe or be think you are brilliant. You are nearly cool".....hahaha I will take nearly being cool as a compliment.


  1. That first story was heart warming. I remember things my brother said to me 50 years ago when we were kids and combative. He surprised me with a sweet compliment. Kids are fantastic, irritating, goodies. Oh, and I'm glad your daughter will keep your colorful language in check. MMBC

  2. Hi Kim, even when they are older children can say the cutest/ funnest/ strangest of things. How nice of Becky to offer her pound! Are things really just a pound in the pound shop?..Isn't shoe shopping frustrating? I think it's safe to say that when youngsters are teenagers is best not to buy anything in advance. Can you change the shoes now or is it too late?

    I hope Becky has a great birthday and you continue to be nearly cool! I'm just embarrassing (maybe just a little on purpose).

    Thank you for linking up with the MMBC.


  3. Oh I love that Ellie wanted Becky to get herself something and that Becky thinks you are nearly cool (from a teen, that is quite a compliment!) Fingers crossed that Becky's trainers fit her. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob :-)