Wednesday 2 August 2017

What I loved in July.

August already! This month is exciting for us. It's my fella's and Ellie's birthday....If you ask her how old she is now she will say 10 like it's a fact....She's 9 for a few more weeks but is so desperate to be in double figures.

I forgot to write a What I Loved post for June so this might include things from then too....

Game of Thrones.

I finally did it and started watching it a few weeks ago and now I am all caught up! I feel so stupid for not getting into it sooner. What a show! 

My favourite characters are Tyrion he is so witty and Daenerys & her dragons....I love Jerome Flynn's character (him out of Robson & Jerome) I can never remember his name and Brienne the blonde warrior woman. I love the realtionship between her & Jamie. 

My fella has watched it from when it first started showing so he has had a right giggle at me being horrified and getting angry at the show.....I have wanted to slap Sansa at times and wow I thought Joffrey was bad until Ramsey Bolton came along. I really don't like Bran and I'm not too keen on Jon Snow. I know he's meant to be the hero but I find him moany and boring....

Good Teachers.

At the end of the school year we had a few issues...I keep banging on about them, the ADHD & the creepy boy. The teachers which helped us were amazing and went above and beyond to help. There was several times I could have kissed Mrs N, Ellie's teacher. She was such a great support to us trying to get some help for Ellie.

Giving back.

I won a cinema room for the hospital where my girls had their open heart surgery.....It felt amazing to be able to give back and say a litle thank you. I turned down appearing on the North East news but we were mentioned in the local paper

Shopping for Birthdays.

It is birthday season in our house....Stu's later this month, Ellie's at the end and Becky's next month so for the past few weeks I have been spending. I love buying them presents....Both the girls have written me lists of things they want so I and feeling pretty confident they will like what I've got them....

Fresh Flowers.

I don't know if it's a new thing or something I haven't noticed but on Tesco's grocery site they now sell fresh flowers. I have been buying the £3.00 bunches and they are fantastic. They last nearly 2 weeks and it is lovely to have fresh flowers in the house....I am always reluctant to buy them when I am out and about as I always seen to ruin them by the time I get home. This is just perfect and they are a great price too!

What have you been loving lately?

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  1. My daughter helps out at a local Greyhound Kennels for retired Greyhounds. Taking them for walks and grooming them. red their too so I help out as well. This is a well worth charity. Everybody around the area donates their unwanted duvet covers and pillows and blankets to them. Also some people do Gift Aid so its a great way of helping out.