Thursday 31 August 2017

What I loved in August....

I think August has flown over....It was like I blinked and it's gone! In a few days my girls will be going back to school and our fun will be over.....Becky will be starting her GCSE's and Ellie will be starting work towards her SATs. Eek!

Game of Thrones.

I only started watching Game of Thrones in July! I watched it all and was all caught up by the time the 2nd episode of the latest series was shown....Wow! I totally get all the hype over it now! I am still loving Tyrion. Why does no one listen to him and Bronn....He is so funny! I hope he gets his castle one day. He deserves it. The final episode was brilliant. I watched it twice. hehehe

I have been watching all the videos on You Tube. The theories, funny moments and came across this, the Westerosi Rhapsody and needed to share. hehehe Genius!

The kids playing out!

This is the first year where the kids have played out, out. They have left the confines of the back yard and been to the park themselves, playing on their scooters and even down to the main high street. They have had a fab time and I know they are getting older but it is ruddy hard to let them go out into the wide world themselves....

Being in top 100 in Tots100.

A few years ago I was in the Tots 100 for a few months and it was great. I'd only been blogging a year or so but I eventually dropped out and have been hanging around in the top 200 ever since. I know fine well it's only a glitch and it's something to do with Tots moving to something else that works out the score and those who have been around longer end up higher in the chart but I don't I will take my place of 66th and be proud of it....hehehe I don't think it's bad for someone who uses the free blogspot address. I am proud of my blog no matter what the score is....

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.

At the beginning of the month we made Ice cream cone cupcakes and I was so chuffed with them....I see things on Pinterest and make them and they never look like they are supposed to but these were pretty good.....I even made Ellie some for her birthday on Tuesday. She asked for them again so therefor they must have been good. hehehe

Getting ready for back to school.

I love shopping for back to school things....Well as long as I can do it online....We always seem to have a mishap and this year it was Ellie's coat. She's just turned 10 and I thought I would buy her a school coat in size 11 to 12. It was tiny. Sports Direct really need to sort their sizing out. Last year I bought things for Becky in size 13 to 14 and some of it would have fitted me. lol 

I have had everything bought for a week or so now and I'm feeling pretty organised....Ellie has her new stationery from I just Love it and Becky has everything she needs....We are all ready for the first day of school on Tuesday!


Two down one to go....My fella Stu had his birthday a couple of weeks ago and had a fab day, Ellie had her's on Tuesday and also had an amazing day and Becky's is next week. I love shopping and preparing for their birthdays and it can be a little stressful with them all having birthdays so close but it's fun. For 3 weeks we eat so much cake. 

School holidays.

The school holidays are almost over and looking back we haven't really done much or had many days out. My girls have been happy doing their own thing, playing on computers and amusing themselves.

We have made a point of going for a walk around the market every Tuesday and getting the most amazing chips and curry. I think I might carry the tradition when the kids are back at school. hehehe

It has been a quiet month but a good one....

What did you love in August?


  1. Those chips look amazing! August has been pretty good here, we have had some nice days out and our first to child free night in a long time(a full nights sleep!).